Where is Peter Kay? Why did the Car Share comedian not attended the NTAs? Why did Peter Kay cancel his tour? Answers revealed

23 January 2019, 12:17

Peter Kay
Peter Kay cancelled his tour in 2017. Picture: Getty
Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

Peter Kay’s Car Share co-star Sian Gibson accepted the National Television Award for Best Comedy at the NTAs – but where was Peter Kay?

Peter Kay’s Car Share won big at the 2019 National Television Awards, scooping the gong for Best Comedy.

After cancelling his tour in 2017, Peter Kay was not in attendance at the NTAs, which meant his co-star Sian Gibson accepted the award.

But where was Peter Kay? Why did he cancel his tour? Here’s everything you need to know:

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Peter Kay's Car Share
Peter Kay's Car Share won Best Comedy at the National Television Awards . Picture: BBC

Why was Peter Kay not at the NTAs?

While it was rumoured Peter would attend the award show, it was later confirmed by the awards organisers he would not be attending.

However, Sian said the comedian was at home watching the show.

During her acceptance speech, she said: “He'll be watching at home with a cup of tea - we are taking the award round to him tomorrow."

Sian Gibson
Sian Gibson accepted the award, telling the crowd Peter Kay was watching with a cup of tea . Picture: PA

Why did Peter Kay cancel his tour?

On December 13, 2017, Peter Kay announced all the dates of his upcoming tour had been cancelled.

In a statement, he said: "Due to unforeseen family circumstances, I deeply regret that I am having to cancel all of my upcoming work projects.

"This unfortunately includes my upcoming stand-up tour, Dance for Life shows and any outstanding live work commitments.

He continued: “I’ve always endeavoured to protect my family’s privacy from the media. I hope that the media and public will continue to respect our privacy at this time. Once again, I’m very sorry."

Where is Peter Kay?

Following the announcement of his cancelled tour, Peter took time away from the spotlight.

However, the actor was recently pictured wondering around his hometown of Bolton.