Jedward pay heartbreaking tribute to their mother after she loses battle with cancer

15 February 2019, 12:01 | Updated: 15 February 2019, 12:02

John and Edward Grimes' mother Susanna sadly passed away this week
John and Edward Grimes' mother Susanna sadly passed away this week. Picture: Twitter @MommaJedward
Alice Westoby

By Alice Westoby

The Irish pop duo paid tribute to their late mother after she tragically passed following a battle with cancer.

Popstar twins Jedward, 27, - John and Edward Grimes - have posted a heartbreaking tribute to their mother on Twitter after she lost her battle with cancer.

Their 'mammy', as they affectionately called her, passed away after battling the killer disease for many years and the pair shared a moving open message to her alongside some photos of the three together.

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They wrote: "Rest In Peace Mammy You live on through us We will miss you and your smile You shaped the character of who we are. Mammy lived with cancer for many years but was always full of life! You live on in our Memories and will always be alive in our Hearts"

The Irish pop duo were incredibly close with their mother who was also their manager throughout much of their career after they shot to fame on the X Factor in 2009.

Susanna was very active on Twitter and often shared snaps of her sons with captions full of pride about their achievements.

She last shared a message of simply a love heart emoji on 12th February, only a matter of days before she died.