Behind Her Eyes star discusses Netflix show's similarities to the book

20 February 2021, 12:00 | Updated: 24 February 2021, 16:14

Polly Foreman

By Polly Foreman

Behind Her Eyes book: how does it compare, and is the story and ending the same?

Behind Her Eyes dropped on Netflix last week, and we cannot get enough of the spooky psychological thriller.

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Many viewers will already be familiar with the story, as it's based on a successful book of the same name by Sarah Pinborough.

It centres around a single mum named Louise, who works as a secretary in a psychiatrists office. She ends up having an affair with her new boss, a handsome man named David, and becomes embroiled in a love triangle with him and his mysterious wife Adele.

The Behind Her Eyes book was released in 2017
The Behind Her Eyes book was released in 2017. Picture: HarperCollins

Fans of the novel may wondering how much the TV show was inspired by the book, and they'll likely be delighted to know that the show does closely follow the main story.

Speaking ahead of the series launch, Eve Hewson - who plays Adele - told "I think we stayed pretty true to the book, I know that Sarah Pinborough said she loved what she saw and she wrote the book, so if she’s happy with it then i think we’ve done a good job.

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"There are obviously some things from the book that I think we would have loved to put in that we couldn’t just based on basic timing, things like that.

"But i think even people who haven’t read the book when they watch the show they’ll want to go and read the book, so I think that means we did a good job."

**Warning: the below contains spoilers for Behind Her Eyes season one**

Behind Her Eyes is out on Netflix now
Behind Her Eyes is out on Netflix now. Picture: Netflix

Is the Behind Her Eyes ending the same as the book?

The famous ending from the book is the same in the TV show.

In the dramatic final episode, it is revealed that Adele was actually Rob in her body the whole time, as a flashback showed the two friends swapping bodies, and Rob killing her while she was in his.

Rob (in Adele's body) tricks Louise into coming to her house, and takes over her body. Rob then killed Louise (in Adele's body), and marries David disguised as Louise.

The final scene shows David in the care with Rob (as Louise) and Louise's son Adam, with Adam shown to be suspicious of the change in his mother.

Are there any differences between the book and TV show ending?

There is one key (and very dark) difference. In the book, Rob (in Louise's body) hints that he is going to kill Louise's son Adam, saying he'll 'have an accident'.


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