Britain's Got Talent viewers ‘work out’ Harry Potter paper magic trick

23 May 2022, 10:31 | Updated: 24 May 2022, 09:58

Boy wows with Rubik's Cube magic act on Britain's Got Talent

Britain's Got Talent viewers think they know how Ryland Petty managed to trick Amanda Holden on the show.

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It was another incredible instalment of Britain’s Got Talent this week, with Ryland Petty impressing the judges with his magic show.

The nine-year-old took to the stage and invited Heart Breakfast’s Amanda Holden up to take part in his trick.

After asking Amanda to pick a piece of paper out of a box, he explained that each note had different emotions written on them.

Ryland then gave her a Rubik's Cube and invited his friends from The Magic Circle Young Magicians' Club to join them on stage with their own Rubik's Cubes.

Ryland Petty impressed the Britain's Got Talent judges
Ryland Petty impressed the Britain's Got Talent judges. Picture: ITV

Each of the participants placed their cubes in a stand, before Amanda did the same.

When Amanda revealed the word she'd picked was 'Love', Ryland turned it around to show the cubes had created a red heart.

As smoke began to come up from the table in front of him, the young magician pulled the table cloth away to reveal the word 'LOVE' written on it.

Looking on in shock, Ant McPartlin asked: "How on earth did he do that?!", as Simon Cowell added: "I am speechless!"

“That was unbelievable, seriously unbelievable.

Ryland Petty appeared on BGT this weekend
Ryland Petty appeared on BGT this weekend. Picture: ITV

"What was so weird was we were kidding about Harry Potter movie and then it was like a Harry Potter movie on that stage. That was magic."

Some eagle-eyed viewers were quick to guess how he may have done the impressive trick.

One person wrote: “#bgt guarantee all the pieces of paper said love.”

"Any piece of paper could have had love written on them... #BGT,” someone else said.

A third said: "I'll bet all the other bits of paper had "love" written on them too. #BGT."

But plenty of other were impressed with the trick, as someone else said: "Wow I have no word that kid was AMAZING #BGT X."

"Mind blown...That was awesome!!! Well done by Ryland...#BGT,” said another.

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