Call The Midwife cast reveals secret trick to keeping kids entertained on set

27 January 2023, 12:04

The cast has revealed some behind-the-scenes secrets online.
The cast has revealed some behind-the-scenes secrets online. Picture: Instagram/Alamy

The popular BBC drama took to Instagram to share some top secret tricks of the trade.

Call The Midwife has revealed one of its biggest behind-the-scenes secrets – how the cast and crew keep the energetic young actors entertained in-between takes.

The beloved BBC drama shared its backstage trick with fans on Instagram with a sweet post featuring a photo of actress Roxanne Palmer playing games with one of the kids while they took a break from filming.

The snap shot, which came from the most recent episode, showed Joan Wrigley pulling silly faces at one of the children to keep him entertained on set.

When asked how the crew manage to amuse the gaggle of little ones who appear in the programme weekly, the show replied: "The answer is, as every good (or bad) parent knows - to pull a funny face!"

"Roxanne had a whole hat full of young stars to keep amused, and did it with some style," the post continued.

The period drama stars many young actors, which means there is always a group roaming around backstage so it's lucky the crew have a few tricks up their sleeves.

But it seems the youngsters aren't the only ones who need entertaining as the show also revealed another backstage secret.

Sister Monica Joan (Judy Parfitt) and Nurse Crane (Linda Bassett) decided food was the key to keeping themselves happy during breaks as they were spotted enjoying a cheeky ice cream in their costumes.

Cast members make funny faces in-between scenes to keep the kids entertained.
Cast members make funny faces in-between scenes to keep the kids entertained. Picture: Alamy

Next to a third behind-the-scenes photo showing the crew hard at work, the programme's Instagram account confessed yet another cast secret.

The caption said: "Nurse Crane certainly had her work cut out last night, with moments of contemplation to reflect on the bad turn things had taken for her.

"But Linda enjoys these subtle moments of drama, and in this shot, Producer Annie Tricklebank can be seen arranging the fine detail of props on her dressing table to ensure everything is character and period appropriate.

"These two women have known each other for a long time, and their working relationship is one of the many reasons our show endures.

"Mind you, smuggling ice creams into the clinic without including us is definitely CROSSING A LINE!"

Call The Midwife's cast and crew have been praised in the past for their heartwarming approach to making TV.

Fans applauded the "caring and sharing" nature of the show and the "community around it", which seems to spill out backstage.

Commenting alongside the crew snaps, one gushed: "One of the best programmes, fills you with total joy the acting and attention to detail is off the scale."

"Love this programme sooooo much. Makes me laugh. Makes me cry. Reminds me of growing up in the sixties," said a second.

While a third added: "I love this show soooo much!! Please don’t end!"

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