Celebrity Catchphrase viewers outraged as they claim 'seahorse' question is wrong

28 October 2019, 07:22

Catchphrase viewers were fuming about the recent episode
Catchphrase viewers were fuming about the recent episode. Picture: ITV
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Celebrity Catchphrase fans were left scratching their heads after a particularly baffling question over the weekend. 

Stephen Mulhern was back with an extra special celebrity version of Catchphrase on Sunday. 

Professional boxer Tony Bellew, singer Kelly Osbourne, and presenter Dan Walker play took to the podiums to guess the brain teasers. 

The aim of the game is to guess the catchphrases by watching animated video clues in an attempt win money for charity. 

But one particular clip had viewers up in arms as they claimed it wasn’t actually a popular phrase at all. 

The celebs were shown a horse sailing a ship and couldn’t work out the answer - before Dan finally guessed correctly it was ‘seahorse’. 

Viewers were baffled by the latest episode of Catchphrase
Viewers were baffled by the latest episode of Catchphrase. Picture: ITV

It’s fair to say viewers were not impressed, as one slammed on Twitter: "Seahorse is a creature not a catchphrase. What next?"

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"Seahorse=a catchphrase?!", asked another, while a third echoed: "Sea Horse? #wtf Should be ‘riding the ocean waves’" said another.

And a fourth added: "Watching #celebritycatchphrase on @ITV since when has “Seahorse” been a #catchphrase ".

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This comes just days after The Chase also came under fire for a controversial question about ‘but dialling’

In one question host Bradley Walsh asked Alun from Cardiff: “Which of these is the act of accidentally phoning someone when carrying a mobile phone in your back pocket?”

The possible answers were; butt dial, booty call or bottom ring.

Alun chose the answer “booty call”, however the answer was revealed as incorrect, and The Dark Destroyer – Shaun Wallace – went on to answer the question correctly with the answer butt dial.

However, viewers have questioned whether the question and answer was wrong as “butt dial” is more an American phrase, while “pocket dial” is more a UK based saying.

One person wrote on Twitter: “Since when was it called a butt dial? #thechase.”

Another added: “@ITVChase Fair to say "Butt Dial" was the most correct answer presented. However, based on @GoogleTrends, "Pocket Dial" is used more in the UK. Comparison of UK and USA usage. #TheChase.”