Coronation Street spoilers: What is wrong with Ollie in tragic paternity twist?

19 May 2020, 12:55 | Updated: 19 May 2020, 12:56

What is wrong with Oliver in Coronation Street?
What is wrong with Oliver in Coronation Street? Picture: ITV

What is wrong with Steve and Leanne's son Oliver in Corrie? And what is mitochondrial disease? Here's what we know...

Coronation Street recently confirmed a devastating diagnosis for Steve and Leanne's son Oliver Battersby.

After the toddler is rushed to hospital while suffering another seizure, doctors are left to tell Steve (Simon Gregson) and Leanne (Jane Danson) some bad news.

But what is wrong with Oliver in Coronation Street? Here’s what we know…

What is wrong with Ollie in Coronation Street?

Following another seizure, Leanne and Steve, and their partners Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) and Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford), waited desperately for news about Ollie's condition.

The three-year-old has been suffering from mysterious seizures, and after a series of tests, doctors are set to confirm his rare condition - mitochondrial disease.

Steve and Leanne are left devastated by Ollie's diagnosis
Steve and Leanne are left devastated by Ollie's diagnosis. Picture: ITV

Dr Ward then told a devastated Leanne and Steve that it was likely to be a genetic disease, and they would have to run tests on the family.

However, some fans pointed out that Nick previously had a series of seizures himself and questioned whether he could be Ollie's real dad.

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What is mitochondrial disease?

Also known as ‘mito’, the condition occurs when there are mutations in the tiny organelles within cells.

Oliver is diagnosed with mitochondrial disorder in Coronation Street
Oliver is diagnosed with mitochondrial disorder in Coronation Street. Picture: ITV

This then does not allow the cells to function properly and they cannot produce enough energy, which will lead to ‘blackouts’ in some areas.

The disorder can cause hearing loss, seizures, respiratory and vision issues, cognitive disabilities and specific malfunctions in the heart, brain, gut, liver and skin.

Corrie producer Iain MacLeod recently revealed that his team worked closely with charities to ensure the diagnosis was as real as possible.

Leanne actress Jane said: "I've also read a lot of literature about how families cope around their children's diagnosis with life limiting illnesses, looking at the human elements to their stories amidst all the medical speak and hoping I can get it right.

"It is quite overwhelming, I've been so lucky to have so many stories with Leanne over the last 20-odd years but this one feels different, this one could really break her and it feels like it's the one where I've got the most responsibility to get it right."

Iain MacLeod added: "Above all, we wanted to do justice to the stories of the many thousands of families who have to deal with diagnoses similar to Oliver's, be it a mitochondrial disorder or another life-limiting condition.

"Aside from telling a brilliant, moving and emotionally complex story, we really hope to draw attention to this subject to change this situation for the better."

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