Brian McFadden claims Gemma Collins is skipping DOI training because she's so SENSITIVE

25 January 2019, 11:47

Brian McFadden has defended 'sensitive' Gemma Collins
Brian McFadden has defended 'sensitive' Gemma Collins. Picture: HEART
Emma Gritt

By Emma Gritt

The singer spoke to Heart Breakfast about what goes on backstage at Dancing On Ice - and he shared some surprising insights about pal Gemma Collins.

Brian McFadden claims Gemma Collins has missed Dancing On Ice training as she's too SENSITIVE.

Speaking on Friday's Heart Breakfast, the former Westlife singer explained that Gemma, 37, might put on a hard exterior, but in reality the pressure of tabloid reports about her performance and commitment to the show are affecting her.

He said: "I love her she’s so funny. She’s doing her own thing.

"I’ve supported Gemma from day one on this. She’s got her character GC and lot of people don’t like it.

"She hasn’t turned up for certain things, and when she gets upset if there is certain things about her in the newspapers, she will go home.

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Gemma Collins is more sensitive than people realise, says Brian
Gemma Collins is more sensitive than people realise, says Brian. Picture: Getty

"At the end of the day, so what? She is genuinely upset."

Lucy Horobin suggested that perhaps Gemma leaves as she doesn’t want her peers to see her upset.

Brian agreed, saying: “That is exactly right.

“She is very very sensitive. There’s the GC who doesn’t care about anything, and then there’s Gemma who is very very sensitive.”

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Brian added that Gemma also reads unkind comments about her on social media.

“As easy as it is to say don’t read the comments, people do and she has a lot of mean things said about her," he explained.

“Gemma is doing exactly what she’s been hired to do. They didn’t hire Gemma Collins to be an Olympic figure skater and start doing triple axels all over the place.

“She was brought in for the entertainment factor.”

Brian also shared his thoughts on the feud that erupted between Gemma and judge Jason Gardiner last week.

Viewers watched on in shock as Gemma called out the Aussie judge for "selling stories" on her, after he slated her in the national press.

He said: "I love Jason Gardiner too, he’s great.

"If they’re gonna have a tiff they’ll have a tiff.

"I’m sure something is gonna happen this weekend. It’s not going to blow over is it? I’m kind of excited to see what happens."

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