How old is EastEnders' Scarlett Butcher and who plays her?

6 May 2022, 09:17

Scarlett is played by Tabitha Byron in EastEnders
Scarlett is played by Tabitha Byron in EastEnders. Picture: BBC

Who is Scarlett Butcher and what do we know about actress Tabitha Byron?

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Scarlett Butcher returned to EastEnders last year after nine years away from the soap.

She has recently been caught up in a custody battle, with Kat Moon eventually agreeing that she should be with her mum Janine Butcher.

But who plays Scarlett and how old is she?

Who is Scarlett Butcher in EastEnders?

Scarlett Patricia Butcher is the daughter of Michael Moon (Steve John Shepherd ) and Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) and half-sister of Tommy Moon (Sonny Kendall).

She was born three months early in June 2012 on Janine and Michael’s wedding day, making her nine-years-old.

Scarlett is played by Tabitha Byron
Scarlett is played by Tabitha Byron. Picture: BBC

The couple’s marriage soon fell apart and Janine fled the Square alone, leaving Scarlett in the care of Michael and new nanny Alice Branning.

When Janine returned months later, she managed to take custody of Scarlett and stopped her ex from seeing his daughter.

Michael and Alice then planned to kill Janine so they could take Scarlett and flee the country, but Alice got cold feet and told Janine.

When Michael then attacked her, Alice and Janine both stabbed Michael and he died.

While Janine initially tried to pin the murder on Alice, she is eventually arrested, and Scarlett went to live with her aunt, Diane Butcher.

Scarlett Butcher rejoined EastEnders in 2021
Scarlett Butcher rejoined EastEnders in 2021. Picture: BBC

Janine left Walford in 2014 and it was later revealed that Scarlett had gone to live in foster care.

Scarlett returned after reconnecting with half brother Tommy Moon and she ended up living with Kat Moon.

But when Janine returned last year, she became determined to get her daughter back.

Who plays Scarlett Butcher in EastEnders?

Scarlett is played by 11-year-old actress Tabitha Byron who has had various acting roles in the past.

She played Constance Calendar in CBBC series Hetty Feather from 2017 until 2021 and in 2018 she appeared in National Theatre Live: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

The star also played Bonnie in short film Femi and appeared in TV mini-series The Third Day and Small Axe.