How old is Emmerdale's Arthur Thomas and who plays him?

3 March 2022, 07:51

Emmerdale's Arthur Thomas has a growth spurt in lockdown

What age is Arthur in Emmerdale and what do we know about actor Alfie Clarke?

Emmerdale fans were shocked last year when Arthur Thomas returned to our screens looking a lot older.

The schoolboy was last seen before the soap was forced to shut down due to the pandemic, but now he is back living with mum Laurel.

But after a few months away from our screens, viewers noticed he has appeared to have grown a lot.

One wrote on Twitter: "Arthur has got so big!"

While a second added: "Blimey, Arthur has gained about 4 inches since we last saw him."

Arthur is played by Alfie Clarke in Emmerdale
Arthur is played by Alfie Clarke in Emmerdale. Picture: ITV

A third agreed: “Can’t believe that’s Arthur he has grown so much, can’t wait to see what mischief he’s got in store for us!”

So, how old is Arthur Thomas and what do we know about the actor Alfie Clarke who plays him?

How old is Arthur Thomas from Emmerdale?

Arthur Thomas is 14-years-old and was born in August 2007.

He is the biological son of Laurel and her late husband Ashley, but an accidental baby-swap saw him being given to Greg and Melanie Doland.

Arthur has been at the centre of some dramatic storylines over the last few years, bullying poor Archie as he struggled to cope with his mum's new relationship with Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson).

Luckily, Laurel and Jai managed to get their relationship back on track after their sons made peace.

Who plays Arthur Thomas in Emmerdale?

Alfie Clarke has appeared as Arthur Thomas in Emmerdale since 22 October 2009.

He is also 14-years-old, but was born in November 2007 in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Alfie now lives in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire with his mum Fiona, dad Paul and his younger brother and sister.

The youngster attends the Rebel Theatre School in Huddersfield.

During a dementia storyline in Emmerdale involving his on-screen father Ashley Thomas, Alfie raised over £5,000 for the Alzheimer's Society by swimming 46 lengths.

Alfie’s mum often updates fans on her Twitter account, and recently shared a picture of her son on his 13th Birthday.

She wrote: “Officially a teenager. A unique birthday as he's spending it in lockdown and in isolation #13 #happybirthdayAlfie”