Inside Emmerdale actress Jessie Elland's life away from Choe Harris role

23 February 2022, 15:21

Jessie Elland plays Choe Harris in Emmerdale
Jessie Elland plays Choe Harris in Emmerdale. Picture: ITV/Instagram

Who is Chloe in Emmerdale and how old is Jessie Elland? Here’s what we know about the character…

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Emmerdale viewers met character Chloe Harris back in August 2021 when she arrived as the sister of Gemma Harris.

Gemma was the donor of Sarah Sugden's heart transplant, with Sarah and Chloe meeting up in secret at the beginning.

Her other storylines have included her romance with Noah, as well as her relationship with her criminal father Damon.

But who plays Chloe in Emmerdale and how old is she? Here’s what we know…

Chloe Harris has been in Emmerdale since 2021
Chloe Harris has been in Emmerdale since 2021. Picture: ITV

Who plays Chloe in Emmerdale?

Jessie Elland has played Chloe in Emmerdale since 2021.

The star is from Yarm, North Yorkshire and has 1,400 followers on Instagram.

She studied Anthropology at the University of Manchester before she switched to Drama.

To get the role during lockdown, Jessie filmed a self-tape at home alongside her mum before she was invited into the studio for her first in-person audition.

Opening up about her first time on set, Jessie said: "The first time I set foot in the Emmerdale studios all I could think of was how it reminded me of a very complex and detailed IKEA!

Jessie Elland plays Chloe in Emmerdale
Jessie Elland plays Chloe in Emmerdale. Picture: Instagram

"All the sets are next to each other in a huge maze of rooms and I was in awe at the attention to detail in each set."

How old is Jessie Elland?

We don’t know Jessie’s exact age, but she has opened up about her character before.

Describing the 'similarities' with Chloe, she said: "I think we both really value sisterhood; Chloe was very close to her sister Gemma and there's an almost sisterly dynamic that develops between Chloe and Sarah, I think I have a determined streak like her too."

Jessie has previously starred in Sky original series Cobra.