Emmerdale viewers confused by awkward gaffe as voiceover announces wrong show

9 January 2020, 11:39 | Updated: 9 January 2020, 11:41

Emmerdale viewers noticed there was an error ahead of last night’s show.

There was another shock twist on Emmerdale last night, when Sarah Sugden agreed to sell drugs for evil Danny Harrington.

But ahead of the tense episode, ITV viewers were left baffled when the voiceover announced the totally wrong show.

As soap fans settled down to watch their usual instalment at 7pm, the announcer said: "Set a reminder tonight as true crime drama White House Farm begins at 9.

"Now though, it's Coronation Street."

And viewers were quick to pick up on the gaffe, as one wrote on Twitter: "Am I going mad or did he just announce #Corrie next.."

Another joked: "Voiceover guy needs the sack, it's Emmerdale not Corrie."

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While a third said: "He had one job,” and a fourth added: “Voice over guy FAIL !!!#Emmerdale #Corrie”

Thankfully, the ITV announcer was just a half-hour early, since Corrie actually started at 7.30pm, and the correct episode of Emmerdale started playing a few seconds later.

Meanwhile, back on the show the ongoing drug storyline took a dramatic turn on Wednesday evening.

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After Noah Dingle accidentally overdosed and started to have kidney pain, Danny tried to blackmail Sarah into selling drugs for him - but she initially refused.

Sarah Sugden was blackmailed by Danny
Sarah Sugden was blackmailed by Danny. Picture: ITV

Later, Charity found out from Graham Foster that Noah was ill and blamed Sarah.

Snapping at her granddaughter, she shouted: "I expect better of you. But with all this recently, of you getting drunk and throwing up and acting like a little brat, maybe I shouldn't."

Annoyed at her grandmother, the young girl called Danny up and agreed to help him sell drugs.

And fans were left horrified by Sarah’s decision, with one writing on Twitter: "Don't do it sarah !! #Emmerdale."

While another agreed: "noooo come on sarah your better than this."