Emmerdale spoilers: Who has Meena Jutla killed and when will she be caught?

8 December 2021, 14:07 | Updated: 13 January 2022, 10:07

Meena has murdered four people in Emmerdale
Meena has murdered four people in Emmerdale. Picture: ITV
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Who has Meena killed in Emmerdale and when will she be caught? Here's what we know...

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Meena Jutla has become an iconic Emmerdale character after joining in September 2020.

She may be fairly new to the soap, but she’s managed to make her mark by going on a murderous streak this year.

But how many people has Meena killed and who will she murder next?

Who has Meena killed in Emmerdale?

Meena has killed four people in Emmerdale.

Meena killed Ben in Emmerdale
Meena killed Ben in Emmerdale. Picture: ITV

Before she moved to the Dales, she murdered her best friend Nadine Butler but managed to cover it up as suicide.

This became the downfall of Leanna Cavanagh, who discovered the news article about Nadine’s suspicious death in Meena’s belongings.

Meena said Nadine took her own life, but Leanna started digging and Meena finally admitted she killed Nadine.

In a bid to keep her secret, Meena then killed Leanna and made it look like an accident.

Her third murder came during ‘survival week’ on Emmerdale, when she attempted to kill Victoria by drowning her but this didn’t work.

Unfortunately for Andrea Tate, she caught Meena in the act and became her next victim.

Meena killed Andrea by hitting her over the head with a wooden step before leaving her in a burning maze.

Things got messy when she then tried to kill Priya after realising she may have seen her kill Andrea.

But she was stopped in her tracks when a nurse arrived and later found out Priya hadn’t seen anything.

Her fourth victim was Ben Tucker after he came across footage of Meena trying to drown Victoria.

She whacked him over the head with a kayak oar and his body was later found by Dawn Taylor.

Who else will Meena kill?

Meena looks set to claim another victim in Emmerdale in the form of her own sister Manpreet.

Will Meena kill Manpreet in Emmerdale?
Will Meena kill Manpreet in Emmerdale? Picture: ITV

The drama starts when Manpreet meets up with Nadine’s old friend, who reveals her suspicions over Meena.

Meena later attempts to cast doubt on Dawn’s parenting by planting heroin at Woodbine but is interrupted by Manpreet.

As the pair start to argue, Meena then stalks Manpreet with a broken bottle.

When will Meena get caught in Emmerdale?

Emmerdale bosses haven’t revealed when Meena will be caught for her crimes.

Bosses have hinted Brenda Walker (Lesley Dunlop) could uncover the truth.

After Ben’s shock death, Brenda arranged a neighbourhood crime-fighting group called 'Emmer-watch'.

She served Meena at the café before closing time, so could make the connection and confront the killer. Or she could even notice Meena wearing Ben’s missing bracelet.