Who did Tony Pitts play in Emmerdale?

11 June 2021, 13:04 | Updated: 11 June 2021, 15:05

Tony Pitts starred as Archie in Emmerdale
Tony Pitts starred as Archie in Emmerdale. Picture: Instagram/Shutterstock/Getty Images

Who was Tony Pitts in Emmerdale and what else has he been in?

Tony Pitts has been on our TVs for years, after bagging a role in Emmerdale back in 1983.

As well as being an actor, he is now a screenwriter and has a long list of impressive credits to his name.

But who is Tony Pitts and who did he play in Emmerdale?

Tony Pitts starred in Emmerdale
Tony Pitts starred in Emmerdale. Picture: Shutterstock

Who did Tony Pitts play in Emmerdale?

Tony Pitts played Archie Brooks in Emmerdale after being spotted in a theatrical adaptation of Nicholas Nickleby.

This was his very first role in a TV series and he stayed on the soap for ten years before leaving in 1993.

Some of his biggest storylines included going to prison in 1989 for setting fire to Seth Armstrong's house, as well as possibly being the father of Elsa Feldmann's child the following year.

He also had a relationship with Zoe Tate.

In 1993, Tony was axed from the show and Archie was killed off in the infamous Emmerdale plane crash.

What else has Tony Pitts been in?

Aside from his appearance on Emmerdale, he had a role in shows including Casualty as Aidan Phillips in 1996

He also starred in EastEnders as Cliff in 1996, and played Chris Riley in The Bill in 1999.

Other credits include The Royal as Alec Glazer and Unforgiven as Adam Boothroyd, as well as Sherlock and Peaky Blinders.

Tony has appeared in the police drama Heartbeat, starred as DI Healey in the miniseries In Deep and even had a small role in the 2012 film War Horse.

Line of Duty fans will know him as Detective Chief Superintendent Les Hargreaves in the second series back in 2014, while he also made an appearance in series four and series five.

More recently, he appeared in ITV’s Scott & Bailey as Adrian Scott.