Who played Val Pollard in Emmerdale and what happened to her?

10 January 2022, 09:13

Val was played by Charlie Hardwick in Emmerdale
Val was played by Charlie Hardwick in Emmerdale. Picture: ITV/Alamy
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What happened to Eric Pollard’s wife in Emmerdale and where is actress Charlie Hardwick now?

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Val Pollard became one of the most popular Emmerdale characters after making her debut back in 2004.

She was part of some huge storylines during her time in the show, including an affair with Diane’s ex-husband Rodney Blackstock, being diagnosed with HIV and her marriage to Eric Pollard.

But who played Val Pollard and where is she now?

Val left Emmerdale in 2015
Val left Emmerdale in 2015. Picture: ITV

Who played Val Pollard in Emmerdale?

Charlie Hardwick played Val Pollard in Emmerdale.

She joined Emmerdale in 2004 and played Val until 2015, before briefly returning again in 2017.

What happened to Val in Emmerdale?

Val sadly died in 2015 after an explosion and a helicopter crash.

The drama started with Val’s plan to fake her own death after she helped Carly Hope and her dad Bob commit fraud so that Carly could keep David’s shop.

Charlie Hardwick played Val in Emmerdale
Charlie Hardwick played Val in Emmerdale. Picture: Alamy

After Carly escaped the village, Val came up with the idea to fake her own death in order to escape her prison sentence before moving abroad.

When Diane found out the pair had a huge argument and Eric locked them in the hall of mirrors at the village summer fair to get them to talk.

On the day of Debbie Dingle and Peter Barton’s wedding an explosion caused a helicopter to crash into the reception at the village hall.

The crash then caused the hall of mirrors to collapse, which trapped Val and Diane.

Charlie Hardwick starred in Ackley Bridge
Charlie Hardwick starred in Ackley Bridge. Picture: Channel 4

When emergency services came to save them, Val said they should save Diane first.

Before she could escape herself, a large shard of glass fell on Val and killed her.

Her character then made a one off appearance in 2017, appearing as a ghost in Robert Sugden’s dream.

Where is Charlie Hardwick now?

Charlie has continued to act since leaving Corrie and in 2017 she appeared in a TV film called Walls & Bridges.

She also bagged the role of SueCarp in the Channel 4 series Ackley Bridge in 2019.