How many episodes are there of Help on Channel 4?

16 September 2021, 14:43 | Updated: 16 September 2021, 16:49

Help is airing on Channel 4
Help is airing on Channel 4. Picture: Channel 4

How long is Help on for and is there another episode?

Stephen Graham and Jodie Comer are back with a brand new Channel 4 drama this week called Help.

The series is set in a Liverpool care home and follows the relationship between a care home worker and a patient, ‘whose lives are changed by the onset of the coronavirus pandemic’.

Killing Eve star Jodie plays shy care home worker Sarah, while Stephen is starring as 47-year-old Tony who has been diagnosed with Young Onset Alzheimers.

Jodie Comer plays Sarah in Help
Jodie Comer plays Sarah in Help. Picture: Channel 4

Written by award-winning writer Jack Thorne and directed by Marc Munden, the drama is set to be very emotional.

But how long is it on for and is there another episode? Here’s what we know…

How long is Help on for?

Help starts at 9pm tonight (Thursday, 16th September) and is on for 120 minutes until 11:05pm.

Is there another episode of Help?

It is a stand alone drama, so there is just one episode.

Opening up about the drama, Time star Stephen said he was deeply affected by the series.

"It takes a special kind of human being to be a carer," he said at the show’s launch.

"I've had children, had to change my children, wash and bathe them, that's one thing. But to do that for an older person, someone who's coming maybe towards the end of their life, you're trying to make their days as comfortable as can be.

"For someone to do that day in, day out, and not just the practical but the humane aspect - maybe you're the only person George and Janet see all day. You're their source of the outside world, their communication.

“And this is what's so beautiful about our story, we see [Sarah] come alive. Maybe she wasn't the most gifted academically, maybe she wasn't going to change the world with her brain, but she's changing somebody's life."