How old is Theo in You season three?

18 October 2021, 13:39 | Updated: 19 October 2021, 16:20

How old is Theo from You?
How old is Theo from You? Picture: Netflix
Polly Foreman

By Polly Foreman

Theo Engler age: how old is the You season 3 character and what age is the actor who plays him?

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You season three dropped last Friday, meaning pretty much the whole country is currently reeling from a weekend spent bingeing every single episode.

The Netflix show, which first aired in 2019, follows the life of twisted serial killer Joe Goldberg as he navigates his obsessions with various women.

The latest series saw he and his equally-evil wife Love adapt to life as suburban parents, with a number of new characters added to the mix.

Dylan Arnold plays Theo in You
Dylan Arnold plays Theo in You. Picture: Alamy

One of the key characters is Theo Engler, the son of stepson of Love and Joe's neighbour Matthew Engler.

Theo is a college student who develops a crush on Love - and many viewers have been wondering how old the character is.

How old is Theo in You?

The character is a 19-year-old college student, meaning he is quite a bit younger than Love, who is in her late twenties.

Interestingly, though, the actor who plays him - Dylan Arnold - is 27 years old in real life, which is older than Love actress Victoria Pedretti, who is 26.

Dylan previously revealed that he auditioned for You twice before finally landing the part of Theo.

Theo develops a crush on Love in You season 3
Theo develops a crush on Love in You season 3. Picture: Netflix

He told Teen Vogue: "I auditioned for Joe for season 1, and then I auditioned for Forty for season 2, and now, third time’s the charm, I got Theo in season 3.

"So my relationship with the show goes way back, and I actually went to college with Elizabeth Lail, who played Guinevere Beck in the first season. So I’d seen the first few episodes, but it wasn’t until I got the audition for the third season that I went back and was like okay, let me watch the second season and get the tone of the show.

"I wound up bingeing the entire second season in two and a half days, which I’ve never done with another show I’ve auditioned for. I feel very lucky to be part of the third season, I actually became a huge fan of the show when I was auditioning, so it worked out."

How can I watch You season 3?

All 10 episodes of You season three are available to watch on Netflix.