Viewers of I'm A Celebrity are saying it's on too LATE

23 November 2019, 09:31 | Updated: 23 November 2019, 12:42

Many fans are calling for I'm A Celebrity to be aired earlier
Many fans are calling for I'm A Celebrity to be aired earlier. Picture: ITV

It airs at 9pm.

I'm A Celebrity 2019 only started less than a week ago and has already got fans hooked.

From the Bushtucker trials to the hilarious duo that is Ant and Dec, there are many reasons to tune in. However, the start time is a bone of contention and some viewers have been calling for it to be aired earlier on social media.

The series started six days ago on Sunday 17th November at 9pm.

However, with it not finishing until 10pm or 10.30pm, many bosses across the country are saying it's having an effect on their employees with them not being as productive due to being tired as they have stayed up late to watch the show.

Many have called for it to be on at an earlier time.

However, last year the show was on at the same time and there's also a few good reasons why it's scheduled at this time.

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Not only is it on after the watershed, but it's also to do with the time difference between the UK and Australia. Their live broadcast begins at 7am local time. As Australia is 10 hours ahead, it would mean if they were to start the show an hour earlier at 8pm, they'd have to go live at 6am.

And with Ant and Dec's call time apparently at 2am already, it would mean an even earlier start for the duo. And imagine how the celebs would react if they needed to be up and ready to find out who is facing the trials that early?

Others have praised the start time, with one fan saying on Facebook: "It's on at a great hour as it gives me a chance to get the kids in bed to sleep so I can actually sit and relax and watch it."

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