I'm A Celeb fans hail Myles Stephenson a 'genius' for pre-trial string hack

22 November 2019, 21:39 | Updated: 22 November 2019, 21:59

The X Factor singer made sure no creepy crawlies got in to his clothes by tying string around his sleeves... the first time it was done in the history of the show.

Rak-Su star Myles Stephenson has found a way to make I'm A Celeb trials slightly less gruesome - and viewers are seriously impressed.

The singer, 28, arrived ready to take on Snake Hotel challenge alongside Jacqueline Jossa with string tied around his T-shirt sleeves to keep out insects, which is a first in the show's nineteen series.

Ant and Dec praised his initiative, and people watching at home said that he should win because of his simple creepy crawly deterrent.

At the start of tonight's show, former EastEnders star Jac - who is married to Dan Osborne - was shocked to find out that she was picked by the public to undertake the day's Bushtucker Trial. 

The mum-of-two, 27, said: "I didn't think it was going to be me.  It's just so much pressure and I don't work well under pressure."

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Jacqueline Jossa might have wished she had some string, too
Jacqueline Jossa might have wished she had some string, too. Picture: ITV

However in a twist, Myles was given a letter and announced to the camp that Jacqueline would be allowed to pick one other celebrity to take part with her on the trial - and talk about shoot the messenger, she chose him.

Myles was nervous but happy to get out of camp and undertake a trial, his first since the series started on Sunday.

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He said: "We're going to aim for the stars and hope for the best."

The duo made their way to Ol' Dingo Town, where they were told that as part of the trial, they had become outlaws and would be sent straight to the Jungle Jail when they were done. 

They were told that there were six stars hidden within the hotel and that each star represented a meal for camp. One celebrity would have to lie in a trunk outside the hotel on its veranda.  There would be one star in the trunk that the celebrity had to retrieve.  The other would have to go inside the hotel and find the remaining five stars. 

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After a tense few minutes - and lots of snakes - the pair had secured all six stars.

The pair hugged as Jacqueline exclaimed "You don't know how much I'm sweating."

Myles joked that the snakes were all over him and that he had a snake in his boxers. 

"That's one vicious trouser snake" joked Dec.

In a twist, Ant and Dec then told them that they would have to decide whether or not to send the food to main camp or to the jungle jail. The two couldn't decide so did rock paper scissors to make a decision and kept the food for their new pals at the Jungle Jail.

And with that the Jungle Sheriff rode up and took them off in his jailer’s wagon.

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