Where was In My Skin filmed?

10 November 2021, 12:13 | Updated: 10 November 2021, 13:03

In My Skin filming locations: where was the BBC Three show filmed in Wales?

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In My Skin season two has received rave reviews since it dropped on iPlayer earlier this month, and many viewers may be wondering where the show was filmed.

The BBC Three series tells the story of a Welsh school girl named Bethan (played by Gabrielle Creevy), who lies to her friends about her life to cover up the fact she has an abusive father and difficulties at home.

Season two sees Bethan begin her last year at school, while her mother Trina has been released from hospital and is working at a Bingo Hall.

Here's your need-to-know on where the series is filmed.

In My Skin filming locations

The series was filmed in Cardiff, Wales.

In My Skin is loosely based on the life of writer Kayleigh Llewellyn, and the show was filmed close to where she grew up.

In My Skin was filmed in Cardiff, Wales
In My Skin was filmed in Cardiff, Wales. Picture: BBC

Rhodri Meillr, who plays Dilwyn, recently spoke about what it was like filming in Wales, saying: "I live in Cardiff so filming In My Skin is as local as they get for me.

"I love being on set and knew quite a lot of the crew as we’ve worked together on other series in the past. One of the aspects I love about my line of work is meeting new people in new places but it’s always a pleasure to see some familiar faces and old friends."

In My Skin is a coming of age drama set in Wales
In My Skin is a coming of age drama set in Wales. Picture: BBC

What is In My Skin season two about?

The series sees Bethan embark on a new relationship, while also plan what she wants to do after school.

She continues to live a double life as her father Dilwyn is still making her life difficult, and she struggles to hide the realities of her home life from her friends.

Speaking about series two, writer Kayleigh previously said: "The new series follows Bethan as she’s preparing to fly the nest. She’s falling in love, she’s thinking about University - in short she’s growing up. But she’s forced to choose between pursuing her own happiness and her responsibilities to her mum."