Belle's dad Tamer Hassan has a strong warning for Anton if he hurts his Love Islander daughter

8 July 2019, 08:54

Belle's dad, Tamer isn't one to be messed with
Belle's dad, Tamer isn't one to be messed with. Picture: PA
Mared Parry

By Mared Parry

Belle Hassan and Anton Danyluk seem pretty happy, but her hardman father will not be happy if Anton gives her the run-around.

Love Island's Belle is currently loved up with Scotsman Anton Danyluk, and even shaved his bum for him on Friday night!

But someone who's been keeping a close eye on the shenanigans is her father, Game of Thrones actor Tamer Hassan, and he won't be having any of Anton's funny business and has revealed he's keeping a close eye on his daughter.

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Tamer is very close with his youngest child, Belle
Tamer is very close with his youngest child, Belle. Picture: Instagram

21-year-old Belle is the youngest of Tamer's two children, so it's understandable that he's protective.

Tamer told The Sun: "I thought, "if you say anything that ain’t true or upset Belle, then mate I am coming in on a helicopter with a parachute and I am picking you up and taking you out"".

Actor Tamer, 51, has also starred in EastEnders, The Bill, The Football Factory and The Business alongside Danny Dyer, so he has some pretty hard friends to help him out if Anton steps out of line.

Talking about Belle's usual type, he explained she's had "cheating, abusive" ex-boyfriends, and that she's typically attracted to someone "who needs a bit of help".

He continued: "My daughter likes to mother people, she's like a mother hen, she has been like that since she was a kid.

"She's not into looks or body shapes or muscle, she is attracted to wounded people."

Anton has plenty of looks and muscle to go around, so maybe her type has changed for the better, as the couple have had a completely unproblematic run so far.

Belle made her interest in the gym owner evident from the start, although she stated in her interview that his comments about cheating did make her wary.

24-year-old Anton hasn't had the easiest ride in the villa so far, after being 'friend-zoned' by most of the girls he was coupled up with such as Amy and Lucie and has also made a move on Amber, Anna, Maura and Molly-Mae, only for them to turn him down.

The only potential relationship he had was with Elma Pazar, who was booted from the villa after a public vote only days after coupling up with the hunk.

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