How old is Love Island's Paige Thorne?

12 July 2022, 08:40

Paige Thorne is one of the Love Island favourites
Paige Thorne is one of the Love Island favourites. Picture: ITV/Instagram

What age is Paige Thorne from Love Island? Here's everything you need to know about the star...

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably completely hooked on the Love Island drama.

And one woman who has found her in the centre of plenty of drama this year is Paige Thorne.

After coupling up with Jacques O’Neill, Paige was heartbroken when he decided to get very cosy with Cheyenne Michelle Kerr in Casa Amor.

But with Paige then branding Jacques ‘immature’ and ‘too young’, fans of the series have been wondering how old Paige is.

Paige Thorne is 24-years-old
Paige Thorne is 24-years-old. Picture: Instagram

How old is Paige from Love Island?

Paige is 24-years-old and grew up in Swansea in Wales.

On the outside world, the star works as a paramedic after she graduated from university.

Asked why she thinks she was single before entering the villa, Paige explained: “I came out of a relationship and I was just so done with guys so was like, ‘Right, that's it. I’m going to focus on me.’

“Then I was like, ‘Ok, I’m bored now, I’m lonely and I miss love and the connection and everything else.’ I’ve been on a few dates but I just haven’t clicked with anyone.”

Paige from Love Island is from Swansea
Paige from Love Island is from Swansea. Picture: ITV

This comes as 23-year-old Jacques continues to try and win over Paige after his Casa Amor antics and penned a long apology to her.

He told her: “I was in bed last night and I thought I wanna tell you, because sometimes I get flustered when we’re speaking so I just thought if I put it down for you, you might be able to listen to me.”

The rugby star then said: "The first day I walked in it's been me and you, from the first moment I seen you I thought you were beautiful to only find out you're as beautiful as you are on the outside as you are on the inside...

Love Island: Jacques chooses to couple up with Paige

"We get on like I've never got on with anyone in my life before, I literally see you as my best friend already and it's only been four weeks.

"I've never been so excited to take a girl home to meet my mum (I know she's going to adore you).

"We were going from strength to strength before I f***ed things up. If I could change it I really would but the damage has been done I know and I am so sorry for hurting you I would never want to do that again trust me, I am prepared to wait as long as it takes for you to forgive me because I know I do not want anyone else but you.”

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