Where is Love Island set in South Africa? And why the luxury villa location is closely guarded secret

12 January 2020, 19:01

The new Villa is in the South African city of Cape Town
The new Villa is in the South African city of Cape Town. Picture: Getty / Sothebys
Emma Gritt

By Emma Gritt

Love Island fans will get to see a whole new villa as they've moved the winter series away from its usual Mallorca home.

Sadly for most of us, watching Love Island is the closest we'll be getting to a swanky New Year holiday - what a shame we can't get a vitamin D top-up through our TV screen.

The ITV2 reality show is back for its first ever winter series, but not only are there a whole new batch of sexy singletons, there's a brand new villa, too. But where is the Love Island villa? And what's the security like?

Where is the new series of Love Island being filmed?

The new winter series of Love Island airing in January 2020 is being filmed at a gorgeous luxury villa in Cape Town, South Africa.

Fans of the show will know that the regular villa and nearby Casa Amor are both situated on the Spanish island of Mallorca.

The villa has lots of tall windows and places to sit and chill out
The villa has lots of tall windows and places to sit and chill out. Picture: Sothebys

Where is the Love Island villa in South Africa?

The exact location of the villa is being kept secret - and for a very good reason.

As Cape Town's murder rate has soared by 30 percent in the last six years, for the safety and wellbeing of staff and contestants, where the show is being filmed is being kept under wraps.

This is to prevent the compound being ambushed by armed gangs who might want to kidnap the contestants, or might shoot them if a robbery goes awry.

However, as an extra precaution it is being patrolled by security forces 24/7.

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A show insider told the Star: "Producers aren’t taking any chances. It’s been arranged for armed guards to patrol the compound throughout the series.

"They will have them surrounding the area so there is no chance of any breaches...

"If it’s known to everyone in the area that a big TV show is in town, then it will become a target. There are concerns there could be kidnap attempts if things aren’t done carefully."

An ITV spokesperson added to The Sun Online: "The safety and security of our Islanders and crew are of the utmost importance."

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Is the Love Island villa in the middle of a gang war?

Owner of Extreme Security Measures Tim Lotter was murdered in a suspected gang attack in early January - right near the Villa.

It is suspected the killing was linked to Cape Town's seedy underworld drug trade, prostitution and nightclub security turf wars.

Witnesses claimed that they had heard sounds like "machine guns" around the time Tim was shot multiple times, with local gang, 'The Sexy Boys' linked to the deadly attack.

A source revealed to IOL: "Prior to his death Lotter was allegedly linked to the nightclub security controlled by the Sexy Boys and other underworld figures.

"It is alleged he jumped ship and joined forces with rivals in the underworld and when the Sexy Boys got wind of it, decided to take him out.

"His move to rival underworld figures would have resulted in huge financial losses to the Sexy Boys."

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