Love Island fans ‘figure out’ who goes in shock twist tonight

1 July 2022, 08:09 | Updated: 1 July 2022, 14:22

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Who went from Love Island last night? Viewers at home think they know who was dumped...

Fans have been desperate to know who was dumped from Love Island last night.

Viewers at home watched as six contestants were told they were at risk of being sent home following a vote by the public.

However, it’s their fellow Islanders who had the final say as they then had to choose which girl and boy left the villa.

The scenes have already been filmed, but will air on ITV tonight. So, who got voted off Love Island last night? Here’s what the public thinks…

Six Love Island contestants are at risk of being dumped
Six Love Island contestants are at risk of being dumped. Picture: ITV

Who was dumped from Love Island last night?

After the public voted for the most compatible couple, Andrew Le Page, Charlie Radnedge and Jay Younger ended up in the bottom three.

Their partners Tasha Ghouri, Antigoni Buxton or Danica Taylor are also in danger of leaving.

Andrew and Tasha are Love Island's only original couple left and were shocked to be in the bottom three.

But viewers at home think this means they won’t be sent home, as they have been in the villa the longest.

One person wrote on Twitter: "Great so we all know Tasha and Andrew are staying, I thought we chose who leaves ?????"

Love Island fans think Tasha and Andrew will be safe
Love Island fans think Tasha and Andrew will be safe. Picture: ITV

"Producers did this on purpose cuz they wanna see Tasha and Andrew is Casa Amor,” someone else said.

Guessing the newer contestants will be leaving, someone else said: “Danica & charlie are deffo getting dumped #LoveIsland”

While another fan wrote: “i have a feeling Danica and jay will get dumped but i rlly want Danica to have a chance to find one she deserves sm better #loveisland”.

And another Tweet said: “I’m telling you now tonight’s love island bottom two will be Antigoni & Charlie and the islanders will have to get rid off one, basically Charlie is dumped… that’s 100000% what’s going to happen mark my words #loveisland.”