Masked Singer fans ‘work out’ Mushroom's identity from cryptic phone number clue

2 February 2022, 08:17

Mushroom sings iconic Gnarls Barkley song Crazy on The Masked Singer UK


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Viewers of The Masked Singer think they know who is behind the Mushroom costume after spotting a sneaky clue.

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With the semi finals of The Masked Singer just around the corner, we’re all desperate to know who is hiding behind Mushroom.

But fans think they’ve worked it out that Charlotte Church is the mystery celebrity after spotting a very cryptic clue on the show last Saturday.

The hint came in the form of a phone-in number which popped up on the screen, which many viewers think could be alluding to how Charlotte found fame.

Masked Singer fans think they've worked out Mushroom's identity
Masked Singer fans think they've worked out Mushroom's identity. Picture: ITV

The singer first hit the spotlight back in 1997 when she was just 11-years-old after calling into ITV's This Morning and performing for the nation.

If that wasn’t enough, some very clever viewers clocked the fake number at the end of Mushroom's VT as '345997'.

In letters, that spells out the Welsh word 'eglwys', which actually translates into ‘Church’ in English.

There were plenty of other easter eggs hidden in the video as well, including the star liking nature and a nod to drama Heartbeat, which Charlotte starred in when she was younger.

Masked Singer fans think Charlotte Church is Mushroom
Masked Singer fans think Charlotte Church is Mushroom. Picture: Instagram

One person said on Twitter: “Yep! Also can I just say that if you put 345997 into the old fashioned phone (where you click a number several times to get a letter), if you put that number into an old fashioned phone you get eglwys. So go into google translate now and search up what eglwys means in eng!"

Someone else said: "Watching #TheMaskedSingerUK and I think I worked out who #Mushroom is through those numbers - 345997. On a phone keypad, e g l w y s - Cymraeg am ‘Church’. It HAS to be @charlottechurch! Even Mo thinks so!! or maybe I’m overthinking this…"

A third wrote: “This was backed by another tweet that said: "345997 = Eglwys = Church (Welsh). Mushroom has to be @charlottechurch."

Mushroom performs on The Masked Singer UK

While a fourth added: “This was echoed by another comment that read: "As a Welsh speaker I’m telling you eglwys is spelt like that 345997. It’s Charlotte."

A fifth said: "The VT for mushroom showed a perfume bottle by KK and mentioned the words ‘that make your heartbeat’. Charlotte Church was in Hearbeat and her character was named Katie Kendall!"

This comes after former England footballer Michael Owen was revealed to be Doughnuts, while Firework was unmasked as actress Jaime Winstone.

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