No Return episode guide: How many episodes are there of the ITV drama and when is it on?

15 February 2022, 08:35

No Return episode guide
No Return episode guide. Picture: ITV

How many episodes are there of No Return and when is it on ITV?

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Sheridan Smith is back with another gripping drama on ITV, this time starring in No Return.

The series follows a family whose family trip to Turkey turns into a complete nightmare when their son is caught up in a crime.

An arrest, alien legal system and looming media coverage leaves the distraught parents fighting for Noah’s freedom.

But how many episodes are there of No Return and when is it on TV? Here’s what we know…

No Return is airing on ITV
No Return is airing on ITV. Picture: ITV

How many episodes are there of No Return on ITV?

There are four episodes of No Return, with the series airing weekly.

No Return episode guide:

Episode One

ITV Synopsis: For Kathy, Martin and their two teenagers, Noah and Jess, the annual holiday is something that the Powell family look forward to all year round. They’re joined by Kathy’s more affluent sister, Megan, her workaholic husband, Steve, and their son, Fred. It’s an opportunity for them all to switch off, relax and spend quality time together as a family, and an all-inclusive holiday in Turkey is just what the doctor ordered...

“But when Martin watches Noah head off to a beach party, little does he know it’s the last moment they’ll share before all their lives are turned completely upside down. The next time Kathy and Martin see their son, he’s being dragged away in handcuffs accused of a serious crime that he denies committing.

“16-year-old Noah is supposed to be sitting exams and spending the summer having fun before college, but instead he faces years in a Turkish prison, thousands of miles from home.”

No Return is made up of four episodes
No Return is made up of four episodes. Picture: ITV

Episode 2

ITV synopsis: “When Kathy and Martin visit Noah in prison, the gravity of the situation knocks both parents sideways. The prison is a stark difference from the beaches and bars of tourism Turkey. Divided by glass, Kathy implores her son to be brave and assures him he’ll be out in no time. But when Noah is back in his cell, lawyer Rico reveals the truth of their new reality. The Turkish system is different and Noah will be detained for months with no release date on the horizon.

“Meanwhile, Steve is acting suspiciously and Megan has a close encounter with attractive hotel worker, Ismail. The restart holiday that was supposed to save their marriage could instead be the catalyst that tears it apart.

“While Jess babysits Fred, her parents tackle a bewildering legal system. Sick of feeling useless, Martin decides to take matters into his own hands, entirely unaware that Kathy has a risky plan of her own. And with both parents playing with fire, someone is bound to get burned…”

Episode 3

ITV synopsis: “The date of the court hearing finally arrives, but it’s a mortifying experience for Noah. Noah’s new defense lawyer argues that what happened between the boys was consensual but, to the family’s disbelief, the appeal is quickly rejected. The distraught family watch helplessly as Noah is sent back to prison.

“The stress of the situation reopens old wounds for Martin and Kathy, but they try to keep strong for Noah and Jess. Despite her growing feelings for Ismail, Megan agrees to return to the UK, to see her family and look after Jess. But while Kathy searches for ways to save Noah, Megan decides to confront Steve about his secret addiction.

“Although Noah might have found a friend in cell mate, Zeph, he feels more alone than ever, and a violent attack leaves him frightened for his life…”

Episode 4

ITV synopsis: “Kathy begs Megan to stay with Jess in the UK when she flies to Turkey for Noah’s court case. Throwing her entire life away for a man she’s only just met, in her family’s hour of need; how could her sister be so selfish? Underlying resentments between Kathy and Megan erupt, and Kathy is left with no choice but to take Jess with her. Steve reacts unpredictably to Megan’s trip to Turkey, forcing Megan to confront the consequences of her actions.

“Meanwhile, with no return in sight, Kathy hits a downward spiral and Martin’s anger hits boiling point. The whole family are more divided than ever, but face their biggest trial yet when Noah’s final court verdict draws closer. Lawyer Rico argues for Noah’s freedom, but the case against Noah is strong and they all fear the worst.

“A fun family holiday turned into a life-shattering journey for the whole family.”

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