No Return viewers spot huge legal blunder as Noah is arrested

15 February 2022, 10:26 | Updated: 15 February 2022, 10:33

Son of Sheridan Smith's character arrested in tense scenes of new ITV drama No Return


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Fans of new ITV drama No Return has spotted an error in the storyline after Noah was arrested.

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If you’re anything like us, you’re probably already hooked on Sheridan Smith’s new ITV drama No Return.

The series tells the story of Kathy (Sheridan Smith) and Martin (Michael Jibson) who head off on a luxury holiday to Turkey with their kids.

But things take a turn when their 16-year-old son Noah (Louis Ashbourne Serkis) gets into some serious trouble and is accused of sexually assaulting another boy at a party.

Noah is arrested in No Return
Noah is arrested in No Return. Picture: ITV

When the Turkish police get involved it’s revealed that the other child, named Milo, is actually 15-years-old and Noah is put in jail.

Despite the show receiving huge praise online, some viewers were left baffled by Kathy and Martin’s decision not to get the British Embassy involved as soon as their son was arrested.

The parents even offer the police money to stop the case going to court.

One person said on Twitter: "I would be straight on the phone to the British embassy and I would not be taking the first lawyer the holiday rep recommends. #NoReturn.”

Sheridan Smith has opened up about playing Kathy in No Return
Sheridan Smith has opened up about playing Kathy in No Return. Picture: ITV

Someone else wrote: "#noreturn wouldn’t one of the first things that they should do be call The British Embassy?"

While a third added: “Who needs the British Embassy? Just take the dodgy advice from your ropey lawyer. #noreturn.”

A fourth echoed: "Frustrated they’ve still not got the British Embassy involved. Ridiculous #NoReturn #sheridansmith.”

“Why aren’t they using the British Embassy instead of some slippery narcissistic lawyer? #noreturn,” wrote a fifth.

While a sixth commented: "#NoReturn is causing me so much anxiety, for many reasons, not least the fact that this family have not bothered to contact the British embassy or try to get any help besides this incredibly local lawyer."

Rico is hired as Noah's lawyer in No Return
Rico is hired as Noah's lawyer in No Return. Picture: ITV

This comes after actress Sheridan previously opened up about how her character Kathy felt being thrown into an unknown legal system.

“I’m sure people will think about what they would do if that was their child,” she said.

“Suddenly they are plunged into a completely different legal system. It’s just a nightmare. When I read the script and then when I was playing the role I was thinking, ‘My God, if this was my son Billy, I can’t imagine how I would feel.’

"There was a lot of angst during filming. Lots of crying, lots of screaming, lots of constant tension. The scenes where we arrive and are actually enjoying the holiday were so rare.”

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