Servant star Rupert Grint found show's creepy reborn doll 'horrific' after becoming a dad

14 January 2021, 15:09

Polly Foreman

By Polly Foreman

Season two of Servant arrives on Apple TV+ on 15 January.

Rupert Grint is the star of spooky Apple TV+ show Servant, which comes from M. Night Shyamalan, the creator of iconic horror movies like Sixth Sense and Signs.

Season two of the show drops on the streaming service on Friday 15 January, and, as well as Rupert, features Nell Tiger Free, Lauren Ambrose and Toby Kebell in the main cast.

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The first season told the story of couple Dorothy and Sean Turner (played by Ambrose and Kebell respectively), who suffered a devastating loss of their baby, Jericho, and are a advised by a new-age therapist to use a life-like 'reborn doll', which Dorothy is convinced is actually her son.

Fans of the show will know that the doll used is scarily lifelike, and new-dad Rupert Grint, who plays Dorothy's brother Julian, described it as 'horrific'.

Rupert Grint stars in Apple TV+'s Servant
Rupert Grint stars in Apple TV+'s Servant. Picture: Apple TV+

Speaking to ahead of the new series, he said: "It is strange. I actually own one. I've had it for a few years, a vampire version.

"But Jericho is way creepier, because it's just so realistic.

"Especially having a baby just recently, that added a whole new element to it. I don't like touching it, it's really strange.

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The doll features heavily in the show
The doll features heavily in the show. Picture: Apple TV+

"You almost want to kind of look after it when you're holding it. You support its head, then you look into its eyes and dead behind the eyes. It's horrific."

Servant was filmed in Philadelphia, and Rupert also opened up about getting to grips with the accent for his part.

He said: "I always really enjoy accents, it's a fun layer to hide behind. It sinks you deeper into your character. It's always a challenge, it's always something you have to keep an eye on. It's not something I've actually done a lot of with American accents. I had a voice coach, and would always be thinking about it."

Describing the series, Rupert said: "In a nutshell it's about this family who are going through this tragic time.

"It's a tragedy, this family loses their son, and this new age therapist encourages them to lose a doll for therapy, so she believes the doll is her son, and treats this doll as if it's alive. That's season one.

And then season two is a few hours later - it finishes off just when we leave off, and it's a very different show with new stakes. The doll is no longer part of the story, it's more about managing Dorothy. There's so many different elements."

Servant series two is out on Apple TV+ on Friday 15th January


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