Sheridan Smith fans in tears after No Return's shock courtroom twist

1 March 2022, 11:30 | Updated: 1 March 2022, 11:35

Sheridan Smith fans were 'in tears' at the final of No Return
Sheridan Smith fans were 'in tears' at the final of No Return. Picture: ITV
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No Return viewers were shocked at the huge twist during the finale of Sheridan Smith’s ITV drama.

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**Warning No Return ending spoilers below**

Fans of ITV’s latest drama No Return were left crying last night when the four-part series came to a dramatic finale.

The story follows parents Kathy (Sheridan Smith) and Martin (Michael Jibson), as their family holiday to Turkey turns into a nightmare when son Noah Powell (Louis Serkis) is arrested.

The 17-year-old boy faces a 12-year jail sentence after a boy called Milo, 15, accuses him of sexual assault following a beach party.

Noah appeared in court in No Return
Noah appeared in court in No Return. Picture: ITV

But as the series concluded with a courtroom drama, the final 10 minutes saw defendant Noah convicted of the crime due to Milo being underage.

Noah was then given a three-year suspended sentence, allowing him to leave Turkey and return home to Manchester with his family.

After watching the drama unfold, ITV viewers were quick to praise the show on Twitter, with one writing: "Cried my eyes out at the end of that...Could happen to anyone's kid."

"Sheridan Smith absolutely brilliant drama! In floods at the end!!,” said another.

A third added: "Wow! Well done to everyone at No Return. What a real eye opening, gripping drama. Brilliantly written and incredibly acted. Sheridan Smith, Mike Jibson and all the cast and crew, absolutely fantastic!"

Noah and his family returned back home at the end of No Return
Noah and his family returned back home at the end of No Return. Picture: ITV

While a fourth said: “That was a remarkable explanation by Noah, not being accepted for who you are and who you love will always affect every aspect of you're life but Noah speaking from his heart has saved him and in part redeemed the crazy sub stories. Noah was the story".

During the episode, Noah stood in front of Turkish judges to plead his case on the sexual assault accusation.

Noah told the judges the pair slipped away in the hotel grounds to a quieter spot after they hit it off at a beach party.

He said the pair started kissing and ‘things got pretty heated pretty quickly’.

But then Milo’s mum, who is a devout Christian and part of a group that engages in gay conversion therapy, started calling his phone repeatedly.

Noah went on to explain that Milo then spat at him before they carried on kissing, but when his mum called again, he pulled away and ran away.

While the judge said that what happened was ‘almost certainly consensual’, he said that as Milo was 15-years-old, a crime had been committed.