Strictly's Neil and Katya Jones split because they 'swapped sex for Disney films on the sofa'

25 August 2019, 12:51

Strictly Come Dancing couple Neil and Katya Jones split because of a sex drought, according to an insider.
Strictly Come Dancing couple Neil and Katya Jones split because of a sex drought, according to an insider. Picture: Getty / Instagram

The dancing duo's relationship broke down because the passion had disappeared from their 11-year marriage, claims an insider.

Strictly Come Dancing stars Neil and Katya Jones allegedly split because the couple switched sex for Disney movie marathons on the sofa, reveals a TV source.

The professional dancing duo, who announced the breakdown of their relationship on social media just last week, are said to have separated after 11 years as the "intimacy had drained from the marriage".

According to reports, the pair had drifted apart in the bedroom and were more like close friends than partners.

Neil and Katya Jones have separated after 11 years of marriage.
Neil and Katya Jones have separated after 11 years of marriage. Picture: Getty

An insider told The Sun on Sunday: “Neil was very open about the fact that there was no passion between them — that they didn’t have sex.

“He said they spent all their evenings together lounging on the sofa in comfy onesies, watching Disney films like The Lion King and The Little Mermaid.

“They had been together for so long that obviously they were close, but as friends. The intimacy had drained from the marriage.

“They would talk about Strictly and dancing, the routines, the costumes. Neil would help Katya with make-up, and often told her what she should wear.

“But that was the most intimate thing they did together."

The source also claimed the two had been caught in a series of heated rows over Neil's progressing career.

“He also said they had been arguing a lot recently, and insinuated that Katya had become jealous of him as he had stepped further into the spotlight.

“He is clearly a very ambitious man, and didn’t try to hide his delight that in the aftermath of their cheating scandal his role on Strictly had been boosted.

“He kept saying that he had it in him to become bigger than Anton du Beke.

“And he said that while Katya ‘loved dancing and pretty things, but couldn’t talk politics,’ he had the whole package when it came to being a celebrity.”

Fans of BBC One's popular talent show were stunned last year when Katya, 30, was caught passionately kissing dance partner Seann Walsh, 33.

The comedian apologised for their "one-off drunken mistake" but was sensationally dumped by his live-in girlfriend Rebecca Humphries on Twitter.

Katya also addressed the slip-up on social media, writing: “I love my husband and we are very happy together, this is not a reflection on our relationship.”

Neil, 37, opened up about the cheating scandal during an interview earlier this year and explained how he managed to forgive his wife for the public snog.

He said: “I think, for me, I can accept people make mistakes.

“I came from a divorced family and my mum was always strong, and said ‘People make mistakes in their lives. Don’t react, try to understand’. So that is how it always is for me."

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But despite putting on a united front since the story broke last October, the pair have decided to separate for good.

In a joint statement, they said: "Hi everyone. As our fans and loyal supporters you are really important to us and so we wanted to let you know some news.

"After 11 years we have made the mutual decision to separate.

"We will always love each other, just in a different way as friends. This will never change what a great team we make and we are really proud of everything we have achieved together.

"Our shared love of dance means we will keep working and dancing together as well as exploring individual projects. No matter what we do we will always support and respect each other.

"We wish one another every happiness and we will remain the best of friends. We are really looking forward to getting back to the ballroom and can't wait to keep on dancing. Lots of love from us both xx."