Stacey Dooley and Kevin Clifton seen on 'secret hotel date' BEFORE her split as fans insist they were dating all along

17 April 2019, 12:26

London Celebrity Sightings - October 6, 2018
Stacey and Kevin (pictured October 6, 2018) were spotted in new photos taken in January. Picture: Getty

Stacey Dooley and Kevin Clifton are yet to deny claims they are in a relationship, however new pictures see the pair entering a hotel back in January.

Strictly Come Dancing winner Stacey Dooley was spotted entering a hotel with dance partner Kevin Clifton, before they were revealed to be a couple.

Stacey's ex-boyfriend Sam Tucknott sensationally branded Kevin a "slimy snake" after revealing the BBC documentary maker had ended their five-year relationship after falling for the Strictly pro.

The rumoured couple are yet to deny claims they are in a relationship, however Stacey took to Twitter shortly after the revelations to insist there were 'two sides to every story'.

Now, unseen photos of Kevin and Stacey making their way into a Birmingham hotel just minutes apart back in January have set tongues wagging that the pair have been dating for a while.

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Stacey broke up with her boyfriend Sam in March . Picture: Getty

Kevin was spotted at the Strictly Tour cast’s hotel in Birmingham on January 19. Eight days later he watched Stacey dance with pro star Aljaž Škorjanec, 29, in Manchester and spent time with her afterwards.

Heartbroken Sam, 30 told The Sun on Sunday that he found a text from Kevin to Stacey saying “I love you”, forcing them to end their relationship after she admitted she had fallen for the three-time divorcee.

According to sources, the pair's blossoming relationship was an "open secret" on the Strictly Live tour, with Kevin travelling miles to support Stacey even though he wasn't taking part.

A source said: “Everyone believed romance was blossoming between them.

“Kevin was a regular feature. He’d cheer on Stacey when he could, then spend time with her and the others at the hotel.

“Stacey didn’t hide the fact she wasn’t happy at home and barely mentioned Sam.”

The source added: “Stacey was a really popular member of the group but when she started getting closer to Kevin it upset some dancers and celebrities.“As far as they were concerned, she did still have a boyfriend.

“Her relationship with Kevin raised eyebrows even though they insisted it was friendship."

Their romance was kept hidden from the public and her long-term boyfriend Sam, with the source claiming their flirty behaviour began to ruffle feathers among the cast.

The source added: At first it seemed she was being that way because he was her dance partner and couldn’t take part in the tour because of his Rock Of Ages musical.

“As time passed everyone suspected something might be going on. But no one called them out.”

Meanwhile, fans believe they 'knew' Kevin and Stacey had struck up their romance while they were still on the show.

One fan wrote: "It was obvious that serious feelings had developed when the 2 of u won #Strictly I'm a cynical old b***h but I felt it & I knew that youd end up together.

Another wrote: "Knew @ #strictly final that #kevinclifton & #StaceyDooley had fallen 4 each other & given shes only just finished with her ex is proof that she tried 2 stay but the attraction was 2 strong As 4 u critics how many of u r still with your 1st love?"

Another spectator added: "Anybody else's girlfriend scrolling back through Stacey Dooley's Instagram trying to find evidence of whether or not she's dumped her boyfriend because they're convinced Stacey and Kevin are getting it on? No, just mine then."