Will there be a season two of Sweet Tooth on Netflix?

18 June 2021, 18:49

Will there be a season two of Sweet Tooth on Netflix?
Will there be a season two of Sweet Tooth on Netflix? Picture: Netflix
Polly Foreman

By Polly Foreman

Sweet Tooth season two: will there be a second series of the Netflix show?

If you've already binged every episode of new Netflix show Sweet Tooth, we're guessing you're on the edge of your seat waiting for news of season two.

The post-apocalypic series - which is based on a set of comics by Jeff Lemire - has shot up the Netflix chart when it dropped on the streaming service last week.

It tells the story of a 'hybrid' half-deer-half-boy named Gus, who grew up in the wilderness with his father.

Gus was one of a number of hybrids born while a mysterious virus wiped out much of the human population, and he grew up in hiding because many people blamed them for the virus.

Here's what we know about the possibility for season two.

Sweet Tooth is available to stream on Netflix now
Sweet Tooth is available to stream on Netflix now. Picture: Netflix

Will there be a season two of Sweet Tooth?

We don't yet have official confirmation of season two, but there is every chance there's one in the pipeline.

The first series only covered a third of the original story, meaning that there could easily be potential for at least two more seasons.

Netflix don't usually announce news of further seasons until the first has been up for a few weeks, so watch this space...

Speaking to Heart.co.uk, executive producer Beth Schwartz said that she's 'hopeful' more will be commissioned, saying: "we're just focusing on season one right now, but obviously we are hopeful and would love to do a season two."

She added: "We'd like to answer some questions that we left open."

Adeel Akhtar, who plays Dr. Aditya Singh, said he doesn't know whether a season two will be commissioned, but added: "from how it's been received it seems as though is heading that way. It seems really popular and people are really enjoying it and if there's an appetite then it's likely. But I haven't got the official word."

What is Sweet Tooth about?

The story centres around a Gus, who grew up in the woods with his father. Gus has no idea about the outside world, as his dad had hidden him from sight due to the fact that hybrids were blamed for the mysterious virus 'The Great Crumble'.

Gus befriends a man named Jepperd, and the pair set off on an adventure across America in search of answers.

The series is considerably darker than the original comic, and the show's creators have spoken about their desire to make it more family-friendly.

Executive producer Susan Downey told Variety: "The ambition was to create it for a family audience. We want the whole family to be able to watch together. We talked to Jeff Lemire about how Gus is our true north and how his journey and his relationship to Jep and this interesting cast of characters and challenges they meet along the way are what’s important."

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