Who narrates Sweet Tooth? Here's where you recognise his voice from

19 June 2021, 14:00

Who provides the commentary for Sweet Tooth?
Who provides the commentary for Sweet Tooth? Picture: Netflix

Who is the Sweet Tooth narrator and where do you recognise him from? Here's your need-to-know on the commentator of the Netflix series.

Sweet Tooth has proved a huge hit with Netflix viewers since it dropped last week, and many have been left wondering where they recognise the narrator's voice from.

The show is based on Jeff Lemire's comic book series, and is set in a post-apocalyptic world.

Sweet Tooth is available to stream on Netflix now
Sweet Tooth is available to stream on Netflix now. Picture: Netflix

It tells the story of a 11-year-old named Gus, who was one of the 'hybrid' babies born when a mysterious virus wiped out much of the world's human population.

Gus is part boy, part deer, and grew up in hiding in the woods with his dad. They were forced to hide from the world as many humans blame hybrids for the virus, and are set on hunting them.

The show is narrated by a well-known actor, and many viewers have been scratching their heads trying to work out where they recognise his distinctive voice from.

Here's your need-to-know on him.

James Brolin is the narrator of the show
James Brolin is the narrator of the show. Picture: PA

Who narrates Sweet Tooth?

Sweet Tooth is narrated by US actor James Brolin.

The Hollywood star was born in July 1940, and he is 80 years old.

James has been married to Barbra Streisand since 1998, and his son is Marvel actor Josh Brolin.

What else has James Brolin been in?

As well as Sweet Tooth, James is known for his roles in a number of high profile films and TV shows.

He is best known for his roles such as Stephen Kiley on Marcus Welby, M.D. (1969–1976), Peter McDermott on Hotel (1983–1988), and John Short in Life in Pieces (2015–2019).

His filme crediits include Sgt. Jerome K. Weber in Skyjacked (1972), John Blane in Westworld (1973), and General Ralph Landry Traffic (2000).

Is there a trailer for Sweet Tooth?

There is! You can watch the trailer below:

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