The Drowning: Is Daniel really Jodie's son Tom?

3 February 2021, 09:04

Viewers aren't convinced Daniel is Jodie's son
Viewers aren't convinced Daniel is Jodie's son. Picture: Channel 5

Is Daniel really Tom in The Drowning? Here's what we know about the Channel 5 drama...

The nation is currently gripped by Channel 5's new drama The Drowning, which sees Jill Halfpenny play grieving mother Jodie who believes her son Tom is alive.

Tom was believed to have drowned in a lake during a family trip when he was young, but when she spots schoolboy Daniel, Jodie becomes convinced he is her son.

But as Jodie goes to extreme lengths to find out the truth, viewers are desperate to know whether Daniel really is Tom.

So, here’s what we know…

Is Daniel really Tom in The Drowning?

It is not clear whether Daniel is really Jodie’s son, or whether she is just a grieving mother desperate to see her son again.

Jodie is convinced Daniel is her son in The Drowning
Jodie is convinced Daniel is her son in The Drowning. Picture: Channel 5

When Tom was a small boy, he is believed to have drowned in a lake, but the police never found his body.

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Convinced Daniel is a grown-up Tom, Jodie wants to do everything she can to get close to him and takes up a music teacher job at his school.

Jodie confides in her brother Jason (Jonas Armstrong) that she thinks Daniel is Tom because he walks the same and has the same scar on his face.

Her hopes are encouraged when Daniel said he grew up without a mum, and he was raised by just his dad.

Daniel later asked her where he knew Jodie from, seemingly recognising her.

Meanwhile, Daniel's father Mark Tanner (Rupert Penry-Jones) has also caused suspicion after having no photos of his son as a baby in their home.

But despite this, fans of the show aren’t convinced he is actually Jodie's missing son, with one writing on Twitter: “I reckon Jodie is going a bit mad and Daniel is not her son she is just imagining it #TheDrowning.”

“Still not sure if Jodie is correct & that is her son Tom. Or if it's mistaken identity,” said another.

A third guessed: “Could Tom have had a brother / twin & that’s who Daniel is? Is Jodie crazy? Or is it Ben who’s been dodgy this whole time?”

By the end of the second episode, Jodie attempts to take DNA from Daniel so she can find out once and for all if he is related to her.

Jodie waited for Daniel to play a football game and distracted his dad by throwing a brick through his office.

After Daniel got an injury during the game, Jodie then offered to take him and clean the wound in the bathroom, before stealing a toothbrush from his bathroom.

Viewers will have to wait until the fourth episode airing on Thursday 4 February to find out the truth about Jodie’s son Tom.

The Drowning continues tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.

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