Will there be a season two of Netflix's The Duchess?

16 September 2020, 11:55

Katherine Ryan's The Duchess recently dropped on Netflix - here's what we know about season two.

If you haven't binged all of season one already, you can bet The Duchess is about to become your new Netflix obsession.

The comedy-drama was written and created by Katherine Ryan, and tells the story of a London-based woman juggling her career, pre-teen daughter, and new boyfriend - while considering having a baby with her ex.

Katherine has previously stated that the show is semi-autobiographical, and loosely based on her own experiences living in the capital.

Here's what we know about the potential for a second season.

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Will there be a series two of The Duchess?

Netflix haven't officially confirmed there will be a second season, but Katherine has confirmed that she's already started writing series two.

Katherine Ryan has already started working on a second series
Katherine Ryan has already started working on a second series. Picture: Netflix

She told RadioTimes: "I have lots of narrative ideas for this story in the future.

"I think us being young women during the girlband/boyband boom, seeing True Say reunited, hopefully watching Shep emboldened by the love of a good woman, do a whole reunion tour and be on top – I would love to see Shep on top – I would love to see what happens with that relationship.

"There are many avenues that it can go down and I’m writing the second series anticipating that hopefully I will get to do a second series but I still have so much to say.

"Of course dealing with a child, they enter new phases of their life so quickly and parents have to adapt to that so I think there’s lots more story to tell but it depends on whether or not people watch it."

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What is The Duchess about?

The Duchess follows Katherine as a "fashionably disruptive single mum living in London", as she contemplates having a baby with her ex.

The Duchess dropped on Netflix last month
The Duchess dropped on Netflix last month. Picture: Netflix

Speaking about her character, Katherine said: "The Duchess is super authentic I think to my personality, to my stage persona, because it’s a disruptive mum who’s a bad person but a good mum.

“She’s fashionable, she loves being a mother she’s not sad about it — it’s me, yes.

"The rest is fiction, but it is a heightened version of me, and I’m really lucky because they’re just letting me go and write the real thing that I would have wanted to, and I don’t think I would have been as lucky with a traditional network, I don’t think they would give me the same liberty that Netflix does. It’s gonna be fun."

Is there a trailer for The Duchess?

You can watch the official trailer below:


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