The Chase viewers rage at Bradley Walsh for 'robbing' contestants with 'unfair' decision over answer

11 March 2021, 14:13

Chase fans furious after Bradley Walsh punishes players' for word choice

Alice Dear

By Alice Dear

The Chase fans were outraged by Bradley Walsh's decision to not allow an answer, potentially 'robbing' them of £18,000.

The Chase viewers were left raging at host Bradley Walsh during Wednesday evening's show after he refused to accept the contestants' answer.

After only losing one of their team, Antony, Claire and Mike made it to the final chase against Paul Sinha with £18,000.

During the final chase, the three contestants were given the chance to push the chaser back one space after he answered a question incorrectly.

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The Chase viewers thought Bradley Walsh's decision was 'unfair'
The Chase viewers thought Bradley Walsh's decision was 'unfair'. Picture: ITV

The question was: "What was the first UK song to win the Eurovision Song Contest?"

Working together, the team answered with 'puppets on a string', however, host Bradley Walsh did not accept the answer as the name of the song is actually 'puppet on a string'.

Viewers of the show were outraged by the 'unfair' call, especially when a similar mistake from the chaser earlier in the episode had been accepted.

The three finalists missed out on the chance of winning £18,000
The three finalists missed out on the chance of winning £18,000. Picture: ITV

Earlier, Paul gave a question the answer 'waif and straif' when the answer was actually 'waif and stray’, however in this case the answer was accepted.

The three contestants ended up leaving the show with no money, after they were caught by the chaser with nine seconds spare.

People watching the show were quick to call Bradley out, many saying the decision was 'unfair' and could have stopped them from walking away with the £18,000.

One person commented on Twitter: "Why let Paul have straif but not allow puppets for the team?? Not right that #TheChase."

Another wrote: "You are joking #TheChase don’t give it to them over one letter!!!!! Why so strict."

A third commented: "#TheChase seemed very unfair tonight. One team member clearly said "puppet on a string" but then other guy repeated it as "puppets on a string" and they don't allow it??? Seems way too harsh especially since they let the chaser off with a similar mistake!"

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