The Chase fans call out Bradley Walsh after team loses in 'unfair' final

28 June 2022, 07:25 | Updated: 28 June 2022, 08:38

Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Viewers of The Chase watched the very tense final earlier this week.

The Chase fans called out Bradley Walsh this week after a team lost in a very close final.

During Monday’s show four brand-new contestants took on Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett in a bid to win big money.

Laura and Will both managed to make it to the final chase after performing well during the head to head rounds.

And they were clearly on a roll after they got an impressive 18 questions right between them, giving them a good chance of taking home £10,000.

Mark Labbett beat The Chase contestants
Mark Labbett beat The Chase contestants. Picture: ITV

When it was Mark's turn, he managed to beat them with just two seconds to spare, leaving some viewers to blame host Bradley.

One person wrote on Twitter: "Talk about speed up reading the questions at the end".

To which someone replied: "Totally agree! He seemed to get faster and faster towards the end - annoying!"

"Brad seemed to read the last few questions quicker," a third commented, while a fourth agreed: “I don't like the way Bradley speeds up as he reads the questions to the chaser."

Will and Laura left The Chase with nothing
Will and Laura left The Chase with nothing. Picture: ITV

This comes after fans were left in hysterics last week when Bradley read out a hilarious question.

A team made up of Eve, Charles, Lara and Malcolm were welcomed to the show as they attempted to win big against professional quizzer, Anne Hegerty.

When Charles took to the stage, he answered five questions correctly in the first round before he took on The Governess.

Bradley, 62, asked him: "Which of these is not a genuine species of starfish?

"A. Goose foot starfish. B. Red-knobbed starfish. C. Chocolate starfish."

Collapsing into laughter, Bradley couldn’t finish the question, before Charles picked 'chocolate starfish'. What made you put that?".

Charles then replied: "Funnily enough it's the only starfish I'd heard of."

To which Bradley said: "Chocolate starfish you've put, and rightly so.

"Here we go - correct answer is... chocolate starfish is absolutely right. A step closer to home, well played."

Anne joked: "You can't have chocolate under the sea because the sharks eat it all."