This Morning descends into chaos as James Martin's soup explodes in kitchen

30 November 2020, 12:48

James Martin gets annoyed after blender fail on This Morning

James Martin ran into some technical difficulties when his blender malfunctioned on today's This Morning.

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were in hysterics on today's This Morning after James Martin's cauliflower soup exploded during the cooking segment.

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The TV chef, 48, was demonstrating how to make the winter warmer, and instructed viewers to put it through a food processor with the lid on.

However, as soon as he pressed the on button, the soup exploded all over the surface - prompting Holly and Phil to exclaim: "Woah" in shock.

James then said: “It just so happens I’ve got one underneath here,” as he pulled out a soup he'd prepared earlier.

James Martin suffered the mishap on today's episode of This Morning
James Martin suffered the mishap on today's episode of This Morning. Picture: ITV

Holly then joked: “You’re having a really good day aren’t you,” prompting James to jokingly blame the This Morning producer counting down the time in his ear, saying his Saturday Kitchen show was more relaxed.

He said: "So this is what happens. When you do the Saturday show you’re used to chilling out in your home you get as much time as you want.

"What I’ve got [here] is a director in my ear telling me I’ve got seven minutes, now I’ve got six minutes, now I’ve got five minutes."

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James then said: "Now I’ve got one minute apparently," prompting Phil to joke: "Yes but look at how you’re using those minutes."

James then added: "Anyway, you can easily do this at home," and Holly said: "Well it tastes delicious."

Pointing at the mess on the floor, James exclaimed: “Look at the state of this!”

Holly and Phil were in hysterics at the mishap
Holly and Phil were in hysterics at the mishap. Picture: ITV

At the end of the segment, James said: "I know the time’s gone. The director is telling me the time’s gone.

"He’s going to say clear the shot. How can I clear the shot? Right, I don’t know how we got there but this is cauliflower soup.

Phil then joked: "He’ll be cleaning up for an hour," and James replied: “I wouldn’t mind but it’s my machine from home as well."


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