Too Hot To Handle's Marvin responds as Melinda and Peter confirm relationship

8 July 2021, 08:53 | Updated: 9 July 2021, 15:16

Melinda and Peter have confirmed their romance on Instagram
Melinda and Peter have confirmed their romance on Instagram. Picture: Netflix/Instagram

Melinda Melrose and Peter Vigilante have delighted fans after revealing they are in a relationship after meeting on Too Hot To Handle.

Just when Too Hot To Handle fans had been eagerly waiting for news of whether Marvin and Melinda are still together, Melinda revealed she was in a relationship with one of her other co-stars...

Taking to Instagram, they both posted loved-up photos together, appearing to confirm that they're in a relationship.

Melinda commented on Peter's post with the words 'I always win" alongside three love heart emojis, prompting Peter to reply: "You’re something else 😍."

While Melinda and Peter did share a snog towards the start of series two of Too Hot To Handle, Melinda had left the villa with winner Marvin Anthony.

It was unclear whether their romance had continued, however, and Melinda subsequently said that Marvin ghosted her before they were due to reunite in Mexico.

A number of Melinda and Peter's Too Hot To Handle co-stars have commented their excitement at the new relationship, with Cam Holmes writing: "Didn't see this coming but so here for it."

Even Marvin commented his approval, writing: "Congrats 🍾" on Melinda's post.

Melinda had got close to Marvin during Too Hot To Handle
Melinda had got close to Marvin during Too Hot To Handle. Picture: Netflix

Melinda and Peter aren't the only Too Hot To Handle couple to confirm their relationship.

Cam and Emily revealed earlier this week that they have moved in together, with Cam telling The Sun: "We haven’t spent much time away from each other at all.

"Me and Em have been very much ourselves on that show. We both love each other to bits and she is my best friend."