Too Hot To Handle's Emily and Cam reveal they've moved in together after confirming romance

6 July 2021, 10:41 | Updated: 6 July 2021, 15:00

Cam and Emily have confirmed that they've moved in together
Cam and Emily have confirmed that they've moved in together. Picture: Netflix/Instagram

Are Cam and Emily from Too Hot To Handle still together? The season two couple have confirmed they are in a relationship on Instagram.

Too Hot To Handle's Cam Holmes and Emily Miller have officially confirmed they're in a relationship.

The pair, who met on season two of Netflix's Too Hot To Handle, posted a loved-up snap to their Instagram pages, with Emily captioning hers: "Lucky is to have you".

Cam and Emily have now confirmed that they moved in together in February, less than two months after finishing filming the show, and have been 'inseparable' since then.

Too Hot To Handle stars Emily and Cam reveal they're living together

In an interview with The Sun, Emily said: "At the beginning of February he came and moved in with me.

"We’ve been inseparable."

And Cam added: "We haven’t spent much time away from each other at all.

Cam and Emily met on Too Hot To Handle season two
Cam and Emily met on Too Hot To Handle season two. Picture: Netflix

"Me and Em have been very much ourselves on that show. We both love each other to bits and she is my best friend."

The pair are even talking about starting the family, and said that they'd name their daughter Lana (after the show's smart speaker).

Emily said: "We definitely do want marriage and kids. If we have a girl we’re going to call her Lana, obviously."

Cam added: "We do speak about it. I know that I want to spend the rest of my life with Em and vice versa.

"It’s something we speak about - but not just yet."

Cam and Emily were the first rule-breakers on Too Hot To Handle, a show where kissing, canoodling, or getting intimate in any way risks losing large chunks from the prize fund.

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