When did the UK last win the Eurovision Song Contest? Full list of former winners

11 May 2023, 16:48

Eurovision stage alongside previous UK winners including Katrina and the Waves and Lulu
Eurovision has given the winner's trophy to five UK acts in the history of the contest. Picture: Getty/Alamy

Mae Muller is taking to the stage to represent the UK in 2023 but when was the last time we actually won? And which act took the trophy for us? Here's a full list of former UK winners and where they are now.

The Eurovision Song Contest final is taking place on Saturday 13th May and this year the UK are pinning all their hopes on Mae Muller - a singer/songwriter from North London.

Not only will the 25-year-old be beating off some difficult competition from acts all over Europe, Mae will also be following in the footsteps of the hugely successful Sam Ryder, 2022's UK act who came in second place.

Sam, from Essex, won over audiences with his song 'Space Man' and came as a humble runner-up after Ukraine won the competition overall.

So as our UK entries for Eurovision get stronger, when exactly was the last time we won? And who won it for us?

Here's a full list of UK Eurovision winners and when they won including Katrina and the Waves, Bucks Fizz and more.

Eurovision sign with a heart instead of a v filled with Ukraine colours
Eurovision first began in 1956 and takes place once every year. Picture: Getty

Mae Muller opens up about her biggest Eurovision competition

When did the UK last win the Eurovision Song Contest?

The UK are definitely due a winner as the last time they held the trophy was more than two decades ago when Katrina and the Waves won in 1997.

The Eurovision Song Contest first began in 1956 and the UK have won a total of five times in just under 70 years.

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Who are the UK Eurovision winners? And what happened to them?

The five winners of the Eurovision Song Contest in the UK are:

Sandie Shaw performing on stage wearing a white floaty top
Sandie Shaw was the UK's first ever Eurovision win. Picture: Alamy

1967: Sandie Shaw

The first ever winner for the UK, Sandie won with song 'Puppet on a String' which also shot to number one in the charts where it stayed for three weeks.

She became famous not only for her music career but also how she always performed without shoes. Her career came to an end in the 1970s as her private life was taking over headlines.

Sandie's love life has included her name being mentioned in divorce proceedings by television executive Douglas Murdoch and his model wife Veronica Sands.

Sandie herself has also been married three times including Nik Powell, Jeff Banks and Tony Bedford.

Lulu smiling with a cropped blonde hairstyle
Lulu went on to have a hugely successful singing career post Eurovision. Picture: Alamy

1969: Frida Boccara, Lennie Kuhr, Lulu, and Salomé

A first in the competition, UK's Lulu found herself in joint first place with acts from France, the Netherlands and Spain.

Lulu went on to have a huge music career following her Eurovision success with top hits including 'I Could Never Miss You', 'Oh Me Oh My' and 'I'm A Tiger'.

She also turned to acting and opened her own businesses meaning she accumulated a net worth of around £30million.

Brotherhood of Man posing with guitars with the girls wearing pink jackets and the men wearing gold jackets
Brotherhood of Man's Eurovision entry was famous after the band took a huge lead on the score board. Picture: Alamy

1976: Brotherhood of Man

The third UK winner, Brother of Man took a huge lead on the leaderboard with their song 'Save Your Kisses for Me'.

The band split up shortly after their success but reunited in 1985 for a TV show and have been performing together ever since.

Bucks Fizz smiling wearing leather jackets
Bucks Fizz still tour now but without original band members Bobby. Picture: Alamy

1981: Bucks Fizz

One of the most popular UK winners of Eurovision were Bucks Fizz who won with song 'Making Your Mind Up' which was also their debut single.

Their successful music stretch came to a notorious end though when the male members of the band Mike Nolan and Bobby G allegedly got into a fight.

Things also become difficult when the band acquired two more singers and the rights to use the name 'Bucks Fizz' ended up in a lengthy court battle.

Mike, Cheryl and Jay reunited in 2004 but now tour as The Fizz.

Katrina and the Waves were the last time the UK won the Eurovision Song Contest
Katrina and the Waves were the last time the UK won the Eurovision Song Contest. Picture: Alamy

1997: Katrina and the Waves

Our last UK winners were Katrina and the Waves who won with song 'Love Shine a Light'. They first become famous for their single 'Walking on Sunshine' which even got them a Grammy nomination.

Just one year later, the lead singer Katrina left after reported disagreements within the band.

They also found themselves in a lengthy court battle over the use of their band name which eventually led to the rest of the band members going their separate ways.

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