When is Fear Street 3 released on Netflix?

15 July 2021, 13:04

Fear Street 3 release date: when is the final film in the Fear Street trilogy released?

The third and final instalment of the Fear Street trilogy is imminent, and we can't wait to see how the saga will end.

Fear Street first dropped on Netflix in July 2021, and is based on the set of books by Goosebumps writer RL Stine.

The films follow two teenagers who live in Ohio while they try to defeat the Shadyside Witch.

The first film was named Fear Street Part One: 1994, and is reminiscent of 90s horror films like Scream. The second, Fear Street Part Two: 1978, is set in a campsite - and reminiscent of 80s slashers.

Here's your need-to-know on when the third film is released.

The first two Fear Street films dropped on Netflix in July
The first two Fear Street films dropped on Netflix in July. Picture: Netflix

When is Fear Street Three: 1666 released?

The third and final instalment, which will explore the origins of Sarah Fier's curse, will be released on Friday July 16.

Speaking about filming the three films, Fear Street star Kiana Madeira, who plays Fier, said: "We went back in forth between the first movie and the third movie. We shot those two movies first. 1994 and 1666. Throughout that time filming those two movies, we did go a little bit back and forth. We were fortunate that most of the 1666 stuff we did shoot all together.

"We were filming out in Hampton, Georgia. It was so amazing. They built a village for us to shoot in. It made our job as actors so much easier. It really felt like we were in that world. After we finished the first and third film, then we went on to film the second film at the summer camp."

Fear Street 3 will be released on Friday July 16
Fear Street 3 will be released on Friday July 16. Picture: Netflix

Speaking to Hollywood reporter, she added: "The time and the workload felt similar to a series. The thing I love about film and about these films is we knew how it was going to finish. Whereas often when I’m working on a series, we get the script as we are going along, so we don’t really know how to map out our characters, the trajectory of their story.

"This is kind of like the best of both worlds. We got that much time to really dip into our characters and film for five to six months, but also we knew from the very beginning the journey our characters would go on. It was such a blessing to have a best of both worlds in that way."

Is there a trailer for Fear Street 3?

There is! You can watch the trailer below: