Where are the cast of The Circle USA now?

14 April 2021, 14:09

Where are the cast of The Circle in 2021?
Where are the cast of The Circle in 2021? Picture: Instagram

The Circle USA season one cast now: Find out what the likes of Joey, Sammie, Miranda, Shubham, Alana, Chris and Karyn are up to in 2021.

The Circle USA season one is available to watch on Netflix, and it's essential viewing for anyone looking to fill the reality TV-shaped hole in their lives.

The US version is based on the hit Channel 4 show, and sees contestants move into the same apartment building and get to know each other on social media app 'The Circle', before competing to be voted most popular.

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Players of The Circle can either be themselves or pretend to be someone else - with many opting to 'catfish' their fellow contestants...

Season one of The Circle USA aired in January 2020, meaning it's been over a year since the cast were first on our screens.

Here's what they're up to now...

Joey Sasso now

Joey won the hearts of fellow players and viewers alike, and ended up being crowned the winner of The Circle.

He was was even involved in a romantic storyline with fellow player Miranda, with the pair sharing a kiss after Miranda was blocked.

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These days, Joey is very active on social media - and is now running his own clothing line called 'Sasso Fam Collection'.

Joey spoke to GQ about winning the show last year, saying: "When it got down to the final three, I blacked out, especially when they announced me as the winner. Bro, I really never expected any of it to go the way that it went. I’m extremely competitive and love winning, but that was never a thought on my mind. I went to the finale with the mentality of, I’m here for the afterparty, man."

Shubham Goel now

Fan favourite Shubham finished in second place in the competition, and has since racked up an impressive 539,000 followers on Instagram.

He is a UCLA graduate and virtual reality designer, and told Time after leaving that he had made "friends for life" on The Cirle, and that "By the end I grew to love all of them."

Speaking about his plans for after the show, he added: "I haven’t given it much thought, to be honest. I’m taking it day by day. With social media, if I can help make it even a half-percent better place, I’d like to do that in any way I can. But back to work for now."

Samantha Cimarelli now

Sammie came third in the competition, but also received the 'Fan Favorite' award - taking home $10,000.

She has her own YouTube channel, which has an impressive 36,000 subscribers, and she also has a whopping 952,000 followers on Instagram.

Sammie is in a relationship with Kenny Gamble, with the pair sharing a number of loved-up photos together.

Chris Sapphire now

Chris finished in fourth place in the competition, and has since released his own collection of hoodies and t-shirts at MarekRichard.com.

He has racked up 496,000 Instagram followers, and recently paid tribute to his experience on The Circle on the one year anniversary.

Sharing a photo with his co-stars, he wrote: "One year ago today all of our lives changed forever! Thank you all for welcoming all of us with such open arms and love. Happy New Years and remember stay FRESH AS A LETTUCE!"

Seaburn Williams (Rebecca) now

Seaburn played at 'Catfish' Rebecca, using his girlfriend's photographs to trick his fellow contestants.

He finished in fifth place, and is currently very active on TikTok and Instagram.

Ed and Tammy Eason now

Ed and his mum Tammy played together, but never revealed that Tammy was part of the game.

When asked what advice he had for future players of The Circle by The Mud Mag, he said: "I would say that no matter what your strategy, go all in. Whether you are yourself or someone else (I mean in real life definitely be yourself, but I feel like in the game you could make it pretty damn far being someone else lol but I digress)."

Sean Taylor now

Sean entered The Circle in episode six, and was blocked in episode 10.

She is very active on her Instagram page, and recently wrote about her experience of The Circle.

She wrote: "ONE YEAR AGO 🥺 my life completely changed with @thecirclenetflix and all of you coming into my life. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I’m so glad I took this leap of faith.

"The messages I received from LITERALLY all over the world from people learning to love their bodies and wanting to live loudly made everything worth it, and made my heart unbelievably full."

She is currently living in New York, and has a French Bulldog named Burger.

Alex Lake (Adam) now

Alex played as Catfish Adam, and was blocked in episode nine.

He is active on his Instagram page, and regularly posts photos with his cat.

Alex is still working as a multidisciplinary artist, and lives in Los Angeles with his wife Gina Röckenwagner.

Bill Cranley now

Bill arrived in The Circle on episode six, and was blocked on episode nine.

He is an actor, and has appeared in TV series Chicago P.D.

Miranda Bisonette now

Miranda shared a kiss with Joey after they formed a connection in The Circle, but the pair sadly didn't end up together.

Speaking soon after he left The Circle, Joey said: "We are in each other’s lives. We are incredibly close. I love that girl to death. We have an amazing friendship that is unlike any relationship I’ve had with anyone else except my ex-girlfriend, who I’ve been best friends with since I was a child, so this means so much to me.

"For both of us, we just know that the love we have for each other—we know relationships can change that. She has a life in Tahoe; I have a life in LA, but we see each other all the time. We talk all the time. The love there is so genuine and real."

Karyn Blanco (Mercedeze) now

Karyn played Catfosh Mercedeze and was voted off in episode six.

She works in music, TV and film, and is very active on Instagram and TikTok.

Antonio DePína now

Antonio was voted off in episode four, after some of his fellow players suspected he may be a catfish.

He is still a basketball player, and is very active on Instagram.

Alana Duval now

Alana was the first player to be blocked from The Circle, with many suspecting she might not have been who she said she was.

She is still working as a model, and appears to be living in LA.


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