Who dies in You season 3?

22 October 2021, 15:27

Who dies in You season 3?
Who dies in You season 3? Picture: Netflix
Polly Foreman

By Polly Foreman

You season 3 spoilers: who dies in the third season of the Netflix show? Find out the fates of Joe, Love, Sherry, Theo and more...

If spent the weekend polishing off every single episode of You season three in one sitting, we're guessing you're still reeling from *that* ending.

The third season of the Netflix show follows the life of serial killer Joe Goldberg and his equally-as-twisted wife Love as they adapt to their lives as parents in a California suburb.

Predictably, the new season features a huge amount of murder and death - with many of the characters not making it to the end of the series.

Here's a full breakdown of everyone who dies in season three.

Major spoilers for You season 3 ahead...

Who dies in season three?

We don't have to wait long at all before the first murder of the series, and we absolutely did not see it coming...

Joe's new love interest and neighbour, realtor Natalie Engel, is murdered by Love while she is showing her round the bakery she hopes to lease.

Love wrongfully suspected Natalie and Joe were having an affair, and also sees a box of her belongings that Joe was collecting.

Natalie is the first victim of the series
Natalie is the first victim of the series. Picture: Netflix

Love kills her with an axe while they are viewing the bakery, and Joe helps her hide the body.

The next death in the series is Gil, a neighbour of Joe and Love.

Joe and Love's baby Henry contracts Measles, and it emerges that Gil's daughter gave it to him as he had chosen not to have his kids vaccinated against the illness.

After discovering this, Love knocks him out and puts him in the cage - and she and Joe then frame him for Natalie's murder.

Ryan, Marienne's abusive ex-husband, is also killed by Joe towards the end of the series.

Marienne and Ryan share a daughter together, but Ryan had manipulated the court to be granted full custody. Joe frames Ryan's death as a mugging.

Do Joe or Love die in You?

Many fans may have predicted that Joe and Love probably wouldn't both make it out of the season alive, and our suspicions came true in the final episode.

After finding out that Joe had had an affair with Marienne, Love plans to paralyse Joe by putting poison onto a knife that he knew he would pick up to use as a weapon to kill her.

Love is killed by Joe
Love is killed by Joe. Picture: Netflix

Joe foresaw that Love would poison him, however, and took some adrenaline before meeting her - meaning he was able to fight her and murder her.

He then frames Love for the murders of Natalie and Gil, and cuts off his own toes and puts them in a pie to make it look like she had killed him, too. Joe then sets off for Paris in the hope of finding Marienne.

Does Theo die?

While it did look as if Theo would die when he is attacked by Love at the bakery, Joe takes him to hospital where he is saved.

Theo survives to the end of the series
Theo survives to the end of the series. Picture: Netflix

Do Sherry and Cary die?

Sherry and Cary are imprisoned by Joe and Love after they find out the truth about Natalie, but they manage to escape after Sherry realises there's a key hidden in the cage.

Does Marienne die?

Love did originally plan to kill Marienne after finding out about her affair with Joe, but she changes her mind after seeing her with her daughter.