Does Love die in You season 3?

19 October 2021, 15:35

The fate of Love revealed...
The fate of Love revealed... Picture: Netflix

You season three spoilers: does Love Quinn die in the third series of the Netflix show?

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If you, like us, are guilty of polishing off every single episode of You season three in one sitting, we're guessing you're still in shock from *that* wild ending.

The Netflix show, which first aired in 2018, follows the life of twisted serial killer Joe (played by Penn Badgley), with the third instalment exploring his marriage to his equally-as-twisted wife Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti).

The couple move to a Californian suburb to raise their new baby Henry, with the hope of putting their murderous past behind them. Predictably, though, this doesn't quite go to plan...

**Major spoilers for You season 3 below**

Throughout the series, the couple do a great deal of killing their new friends and neighbours (details here...), and many viewers will probably have predicted that Joe and Love wouldn't both make it out alive.

Many people have been wondering whether Love dies in You season three
Many people have been wondering whether Love dies in You season three. Picture: Netflix

Does Love die?

As expected by many, Love Quinn does indeed die at the end of You season three.

The couple had grown further and further apart throughout the series, and Love dramatically found out about Joe's affair with Marienne (Tati Gabrielle) towards the end.

Love then hatched a plan to poison Joe, putting a paralysing concoction she had made from wolfsbane on a kitchen knife, knowing he would pick it up to use as a weapon.

Crafty Joe realised what she was up to, however, and took some adrenaline before meeting her - which worked as an antidote.

He was then able to overpower his wife, and murdered her.

Joe murders Love at the end of the series
Joe murders Love at the end of the series. Picture: Netflix

Joe then wrote an email from Love to their neighbours, in which she admitted to killing Natalie, Gil and Ryan.

He also framed Love for his own murder (cutting off his toes and baking them in a pie for good measure...), and then ran away to Paris to find Marienne.

Netflix have confirmed there will be a season four of the series, and we can hardly wait to find out what he gets up to in Europe...