Women warn against removing fake tan with ‘magic sponges’ after it ‘BURNS’ skin

16 August 2019, 15:05 | Updated: 16 August 2019, 15:06

The 'magic eraser' has been causing 'burns'
The 'magic eraser' has been causing 'burns'. Picture: Getty Images/Amazon

Twitter users have shared their scary experiences with using the kitchen item to remove tan.

Beauty experts have been warned about using “magic sponges” to scrub off their patchy fake tan, after it left some women with “chemical burns”.

The cleaning item has previously done the rounds on social media, with some people hailing it a clever hack to remove tan quickly.

But after trying it out, now a handful of women have claimed their skin has been seriously damaged by experimenting with the product.

And keen to stop others making the same mistake, they’ve taken to Twitter to warn fellow fake-tanners about the dangerous effects.

The Magic Eraser has been blasted by fake tan fanatics
The Magic Eraser has been blasted by fake tan fanatics. Picture: Sainsbury's

“Used a magic sponge on my patchy tan and now I have a chemical burn on my armpit,” said one.

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Another added: “I saw a tweet about using a magic sponge to remove fake tan and now I feel like I’ve got no skin left.”

While a third wrote: “Tried using a magic sponge to remove my fake tan after seeing some girl tweet about it the other day. Also gave myself a nice sore rash from chemical burns or something 0/10 do not recommend.”

And a fourth said: “I seen a tweet about those magic sponge erasers taking off fake tan so I tried it and yes it took my fake tan off amazingly 100% but it also took off A LAYER OF MY SKIN and now my chest and arms are all red raw and stinging.”

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While they are sold on many websites and in supermarkets, Flash’s magic eraser carries a warning which states: “Do not use on skin or other parts of the body.

"Using on skin will likely cause abrasions.”

The news comes after a woman went viral after she removed her unwanted tan in just minutes using a £1.50 dishmatic sponge.

Alongside a photo, Twitter user Lauren Souness wrote: “To all my tanning friends...Bondi Sands tan remover in one of these little scrubbers takes your fan off in minutes girls legit seconds”.

She added: "Seconds to fill I mean, legit 5 minds to get it off".