‘Bossy’ bride slammed for detailed dress code demanding female guests wear fake eyelashes

17 August 2020, 11:58

A bride has sent her guests a very detailed list of dress requirements
A bride has sent her guests a very detailed list of dress requirements. Picture: Getty Images

A bridezilla shared a list of 'styling guidelines' including how to do their hair and makeup for the big day.

Every engaged couple dreams of their big day going without a hitch.

But one bride has taken things to the next level after she shared an extensive list of dress code requirements with her guests.

The 'styling guidelines' have now gone viral after one invitee shared the outrageous details on the Facebook group That's It, I'm Wedding Shaming.

A bride has been slammed for her wedding invites
A bride has been slammed for her wedding invites. Picture: Getty Images

It also asks those attending to send a picture to the bride before the wedding to make sure they follow the 'soft, romantic, sensual yet elegant theme.

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The message states: "Make choices that highlight your favourite physical attributes rather than trying to mask the ones you dislike."

It states that dresses should be ‘formal floor-length, stylish and sexy’, while sleeves, lace and print designs are all banned.

When it comes to shoes, they must be open-toed, with a heel between three and four inches, and wedges are also a no-go.

It adds: “If you plan to take Aspirin (i.e. to avoid foot pain in heels), keep in mind that when combined with alcohol, you get drunk 30% faster.”

When it comes to make up, the rules also require guests to wear a full face of make up complete with fake eyelashes, while their nails should be painted in ‘clear, natural, subtle’ colours.

And the requirements don’t end there, as the bride also adds that hair can be half up or in a stylish ponytail with loose curls, but there will be ‘no accessories, braids or beachy/bohemian hair’ accepted.

Meanwhile, jewellery is confined to ‘delicate accents in metals, stones and refined shells’, while facial piercings and ‘bulky pieces’ are not allowed.

The list finishes with a few ‘handy tips’ such as bringing a phone charger in their evening bags, and keeping the hot temperatures in mind.

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