Cat becomes internet star after hilariously interrupting weatherman's forecast

24 April 2020, 11:41

Cat interrupts weather presenter doing his job from home and becomes a star

A weatherman’s needy cat crashed his broadcast and became the star of the show.

Working from home can come with some benefits, one of them being more time to spend with your pet.

But weatherman Jeff Lyons learnt just how distracting our furry friends can be when we’re trying to concentrate.

Jeff works for 14 News’ in Indiana, US, and recently set up a studio in his dining room so he can continue making the weather segment while adhering to social distancing rules.

However, when he began filming the forecast, he soon realised his cat Betty wanted to join in too.

Jeff Lyons has been joined by his cat presenting the weather
Jeff Lyons has been joined by his cat presenting the weather. Picture: Jeff Lyons

Instead of locking the adorable pet out of the room, Jeff decided to pick Betty up and let her be part of the show.

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Clips from his forecast show Jeff struggling to hold the feline in his arms while explaining the seven-day forecast.

Unsurprisingly, Betty the weather cat has now become famous in her own right and makes an appearance most days.

Jeff, who has been the chief Meteorologist on the show for the past 34 years, jokes in one segment: “You’re tuning in to watch the cat, I realise that, but it’s going to be cold tonight.”

After becoming a social media sensation, Betty now has her own Instagram page with over 900 followers.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “Betty the #WeatherCat She’s a supurr Star! #QuarantineCats”.

“Betty the weather cat needs her own segment on @14News,” said another, while a third added: “I want more of Betty The Weather Cat."

Jeff has since told that he thinks that viewers are grateful to see something happy on the news.

He said: “People like having a distraction during this time, and they are begging to see more Betty!”

“I figure it’s the least we can do if it will make people happy.

“I’ve worked in local TV for 34 years, and have never experienced anything quite like this, but I’m glad we can cheer folks up.”

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