People are transforming their Christmas trees for Valentine's Day

11 January 2021, 14:20 | Updated: 12 February 2021, 14:01

People are redecorating their Christmas trees for Valentine's Day
People are redecorating their Christmas trees for Valentine's Day. Picture: Instagram: @vintage__charms/@alljoyandfitness/@your_life_styled
Naomi Bartram

By Naomi Bartram

Valentine's Day lovers are re-decorating their Christmas trees for February 14th.

As the UK gets used to another few weeks in lockdown, now it seems as though people are doing whatever they can to cheer themselves up.

In fact, many people are now turning to re-decorating their Christmas trees in a bid to keep them up as long as possible.

While most of us took our festive decorations down last week, a new trend on Instagram has seen people repurpose them for Valentines Day on February 14.

More than 3,600 photos have now been uploaded to Instagram using the hashtag #ValentinesTree, with ideas ranging from heart baubles to pink tinsel.

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After hanging red hearts on her tree, one woman on Instagram wrote: “My husband didn’t want to take down the Christmas tree so I made it a Valentine’stree. Normally I don’t even decorate for Valentine’s Day but if 2020 taught me anything…love gets you through the tough times so why not have a love tree for a couple months?”

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Another woman kept her lights on the tree, and replaced festive decorations with hanging pink and red hearts.

She said: “Even though we took the Xmas decorations down, I can’t seem to take the tree down yet. It’s been up since November 1st and has given me a sense of calm and peace.

"So I decided to decorate it forValentine’s Day! Hoping to manifest as much love and kindness as possible as we say goodbye to a tough year that taught us so much”

Another Instagram user decorated their tree using old Valentines Day cards and pegs to hold them in place.

Founder of, Mark Rofe, has said this unusual trend is making people feel ‘a little happier’, as he said: “As we are currently living through a difficult time, people are actively looking for distractions and things to do that can make them feel a little happier.

“For many, decorating their Christmas tree is a fun and even therapeutic activity, and people have found a creative way to recreate this experience now the festive season is over by repurposing their tree into a Valentines Tree”.

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