Here's what the colour of your tea says about your personality

2 December 2020, 10:31 | Updated: 2 December 2020, 11:12

What your tea says about you
What your tea says about you. Picture: Getty Images

There is now a scale which reveals what your favourite brew says about you...

It’s been a tough year for everyone, but if there’s one thing that’s sure to unite all of us - it's a good cup of tea.

And while we all like our cuppa made slightly differently, it turns out you can learn a lot about someone based on the colour of their brew.

In fact, online greetings card marketplace, Thortful have now come up with a new Pantone tea scale to reveal what your tea says about your personality.

So whether you’re a fan of a Builder’s Brew or you prefer a good splash of milk, here’s what your perfect cuppa reveals…

1: Black tea

Black tea
Black tea. Picture: Thortful

If you like to keep things simple with a black tea, you’re a ‘rule-breaker’ at heart, according to the scale.

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Thortful say: “You’d prefer to be a hipster drinking black coffee, but you hate coffee. And you quite possibly just forgot to buy the milk.”

2: Overstewed

Overstewed tea
Overstewed tea. Picture: Thortful

We all know someone who leaves the tea bag in just a little too long, and this could mean you have ‘very strong opinions’ that you absolutely love to share with anyone and everyone.

3: Builder’s brew

Builder's brew
Builder's brew. Picture: Thortful

This is known as ‘the classic British brew’, which means you’re dependable and cool-headed.

Thortful says: “You’re actually pickier about your tea than anyone else on this scale.”

4: Perfectly balanced

Perfectly brewed tea
Perfectly brewed tea. Picture: Thortful

The cuppa everyone is dreaming of, which means you’re ‘highly confident, and know exactly what you like and how to go about getting it’.

5: Bit beige

Bit beige tea
Bit beige tea. Picture: Thortful

It’s bad news if you like a milky tea, because Thortful’s scale says ‘there’s not a lot about you as a person’.

Apparently, beige tea drinkers watch just one episode of their favourite boxset and are in bed by 9pm.

6: Slapdash

Slapdash tea
Slapdash tea. Picture: Thortful

The ‘haphazard’ tea maker probably didn’t leave their tea to stew for long enough and has been left with a bit of a mess.

7: Vanilla wafer

Vanilla wafer
Vanilla wafer. Picture: Thortful

At least this tea drinker knows what they like, and that’s a tea with very little tea in it…

8: Milky water

Milky water
Milky water. Picture: Thortful

No one wants to be caught with this cup of tea - or flavourless milky water…

Thortful also carried out research to reveal how our tea-drinking habits have changed this year, with the search phrase ‘how to make a perfect cup of tea’ growing 250%. It's time to get practising!

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